Fellow homeowners,

You can throw away your water supplies!

No matter how much water you store, you’ll never have enough. Plus, you’ll make a lot of room in your storehouse for other things.

The newly invented H2O Dynamo occupies a small space and produces an unlimited supply of fresh, clean water, every day! NOT by filtering or desalinizing water that you already have… but PRODUCING water from air!

Pretty Awesome! Here’s how it works:

This innovative technology is inspired from the Israeli Army, who uses it to make water in the desert. This device is based on a simple condensation principle:

It takes the humidity out of the air and transforms it into water… It then filters it and there you go: your unlimited water source.

The device used by the Israeli Army (made by Water-Gen) produces around 50 gallons/day of fresh water.

Chairmen and co-CEO at Water-Gen, Arye Kohavi, says that:

“water transportation is one of the most common reasons for the departure of convoys. These convoys are attacked and have casualties (…) if we can produce the water to the exact point where it is consumed, we spare the need to transport water and reduce the risk and expenses.”

And you know what? He’s right! When the SHTF or in a crisis, I don’t want to have to get out of my house, my hideout or my bag out location to find fresh water. Without food I can last for a few weeks (4-7), but water is something I have to constantly search for.

H2O Dynamo – A Device for Homeowners and Preppers

H2O DynamoFirst of all, the H2O Dynamo is something most of us can afford (to simply make at home) … compared to the technology used by the Israeli Army which costs a few thousand dollars.

Second, the H2O Dynamo is adapted for home and emergency usage. It occupies only a small space of your room, and it truly gives you (and your family) water independency!

More so, economically, it is really good investment! You can use the H2O Dynamo to produce your daily fresh water, if you want. Just think about the amount of money you spend on water now…

The average American drinks 180 gallons of bottled water per year… so most of us spend a few hundred dollars (per year) only on drinkable water.

The H2O Dynamo produces up to 10 gallons of fresh, pure and clean water per day, enough for 3-4 families. So, if you want… you can associate with your neighbor or a friend to buy or make one.

Here is the video that explains why you should consider making a H2O Dynamo, how it was first build and how you can get the step by step DIY video guide.

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