Since winters are cold and harsh, there might be better times to implement your homestead ideas into life.

You can get all those DIY projects off your plate during these months and prepare your home for spring or summer.

I’ve rounded up 10 of the most useful DIY backyard projects you need to complete for this spring! Fortunately, none of these DIY projects will take you long days to complete: they will only take a few hours.

Now let’s get started with the most simple DIY backyard project!

Chicken Tunnel

To DIY a chicken tunnel, carve out the route your chickens follow, starting from the coop.

Purchase a hard wire from your local hardware store and bend it a little more than halfway around the circle, or most accurately, have it in a half-circle shape.

Set up this hard wire along the path leading from the coop. Just one end of the tunnel should remain open to stop the hens from escaping. If you choose, you can install a sliding metal or wooden panel at the tunnel’s entrance. You will be able to manage the tunnel’s entrance using this panel.

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DIY Backyard Projects You Need To Get Done By Spring

Raised Garden Beds

Start with creating a wooden frame using four wooden planks that are at least 12 inches deep.

Have the wooden planks in parallel positions and once you are done, place them at your desired location. Next, fill in this wooden frame using cardboard, and finally, fill the raised bed with soil.

Using a rake, level the soil and add your favorite plants in there.

DIY Backyard Projects You Need To Get Done By Spring

Wood Stools

Start with collecting four wooden planks that are equal in length and one whole wooden piece for the sitting area.

Now using a screwdriver, fit all four legs into the wooden seat base. Make sure the fit is firm to keep itself from unscrewing.

And that’s it you have your own DIY wood stool.

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DIY Backyard Projects You Need To Get Done By Spring

Chicken Coop

The first step is building the chicken coop’s base.

Next, you must add and secure the walls, making a room-like construction. Further, proceed with three separate nesting boxes. After that, use corrugated roof panels to secure the roofing.

Do the clean-out tray after that. You can then add the finishing touches. Frame the chicken run and its door as the final phase.

DIY Backyard Projects You Need To Get Done By Spring

Space Saving Tool Holder

To make a DIY Space saving tool, you need a wooden shelf and a drill to cut through holes in it. Make sure you measure the length of the handle you have so you can drill accordingly.

Next, you have to look out for brackets that will support your space-saving tool holder. Install the brackets where you want to install this holder using a drill machine. Once the brackets are firmly locked into the wall, you have to attach the rack to it using a screwdriver.

And that’s it; now you can store all your gardening tools and essentials at one place without compromising on space.

DIY Backyard Projects You Need To Get Done By Spring

Mealworm Farm

Look for a plastic storage container that is at least 5 inches deep; however, a wider one is preferable. Next, you have to add Oatmeal or wheat bran to your container in layers of at least 2-4 inches.

If you are going to use a cover, make multiple ventilation holes in it or remove the center and replace it with mesh. Add mealworms into this container and include a few potato or carrot slices.

Your DIY mealworm farm is ready; remember to put it in a warm, dark area.

DIY Backyard Projects You Need To Get Done By Spring

Salad Garden

First, you need to get containers at least 7 inches deep and fill them with compost, sand, and peat.

Make a half-inch trench along the planter and sow your favorite vegetable’s seeds into it. Cover the seeds with the soil and water them until they are damp.

You can sow more seeds in various containers and have them in a sunny spot in your garden. To grow, make sure to look after them properly and water them regularly.

DIY Backyard Projects You Need To Get Done By Spring

Lawn Sprinkler System

To install your DIY lawn sprinkler system, you must first dig an 8 to 10 inches deep trenches. Next, lay down the pipe you have got into this trench and use a tee connection for the various directions you want the sprinkler to reach.

Once you finish the assembly, connect the main pipe to the water source and attach the risers wisely along the PVC pipe.

Lastly, attach the sprinkler heads to each of the risers and, with that, install an automatic timer. Once everything is done, bury the pipe in the soil, and that’s all!

DIY Backyard Projects You Need To Get Done By Spring

Compost Bin

A wonderful approach to start a compost pile fast and on a tight budget is to create a compost bin out of a trash can. You’ll need a plastic garbage can with a lid and a few other things to make it. Make some holes in the bottom part.  After that, you can fill the compost container. Before you know it, you’ll have enough things to put in your compost bin. You will complete the task in under an hour.

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DIY Backyard Projects You Need To Get Done By Spring

Pallet Cooler

First, fix two wooden pallets in a parallel position by screwing wooden planks on each end.

Now you are left with a square frame of wood and have to fill it up with wooden pallets using a screwdriver. Using different wooden pallets, build the upper body of the cooler. First, start by having four pallets in a perpendicular direction and then fill the spaces the same way as we did with the base. For the head part, use hinges to attach a wooden pellet the same size as the cooler’s head.

Tada, your DIY pallet cooler is ready!

Winters are often boring because we can’t move outside freely and enjoy ourselves. Nevertheless, this would be the perfect time to complete those DIY backyard projects you’ve been putting off for a while.

Best of luck!

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