I’ve been hearing a lot about The Lost SuperFoods lately, so I decided to buy it and see if this is the food preservation guide I’ve been looking for all this time.

As a major blackout is a real threat in our technology addicted society this kind of knowledge is absolutely vital.

Once I clicked the buy button and completed the payment, I was notified that delivery of the physical book might take up to a week. Personally, I prefer books you can hold in your own two hands and not digital ones you read on a screen. So, even though I could read the information right away on my computer I decided to wait for my paperback copy to arrive by mail.

It took only 4 days to receive it, so that was a pleasant surprise.

The very first thing I noticed was that the package was well secured with bubble wrap and that it felt heavier than other books I’ve ordered before.

The Lostsuperfoods Book Review

The second thing I noticed was just how good this book really looks! It’s got a rugged feel about it, which takes you back to a time when the cowboys roamed the wild west. The fact there are cowboys on the cover probably helps in that regard. It smelled fresh, like it was very recently printed.

The Lostsuperfoods Book Review

The paper is thick and the book looked as if it could take a pounding and withstand being hauled around in a bug-out-bag. That’s pretty important as I’ve come across a fair share of “survival books” that looked like they wouldn’t survive anything except being gently moved from the nightstand to the coffee table.

The Lostsuperfoods Book Review

The Lost SuperFoods is over 270 pages in letter format, so it’s quite easy to read even if your eyesight isn’t perfect anymore.
Anyway, looks and resilience aside, I was curious to see what’s inside, because in the end that’s what I bought it for!

The thing that intrigued me the most about this book, and the main reason I bought a copy, is how it focuses only on the foods that last a very long time without refrigeration.

The Lostsuperfoods Book Review

As I opened The Lost Superfoods, I quickly came across the table of contents which is at the beginning. I was glad to see that the Doomsday Ration recipe showcased in the video for the book was there. This super food developed by our own military during the Cold War is supposed to last a lifetime without refrigeration so I’m definitely going to make some to add to my survival stockpile.

The Lostsuperfoods Book Review

There were a few more foods in there that immediately caught my eye, like the potted meat people survived on during WW2, Native-American Pemmican, Biltong or the Pocket Soup. The fact that most of the foods the book teaches you how to make are protein rich, full of vital fats and a lot of different vitamins and minerals the human body needs was definitely a bonus. I think that and the shelf-life is what makes them “super”.

The Lostsuperfoods Book Review

These days I try to stay as far away from carbs as possible, as the gluten they contain is hell for my digestion. Plus, there are no essential carbs – only essential fats and proteins.

Other survival cooking books I’ve had in the past had many…MANY carb rich food recipes inside, but not this one.

Flipping through the book I could see it’s well organized with each long-lasting super food having a separate chapter. You can read about when and how the super food was invented, how our grandparents stockpiled it and most importantly how they made it from scratch during dark times. You always have a full list of every ingredient and a step-by-step cooking process that is extremely easy to follow, even if they don’t usually like to cook at home. I appreciated how they took out all the guesswork in regards to quantities, temperatures and all the rest which are all clearly stated at each stage of the cooking process.

The Lostsuperfoods Book Review

After going through a few of the recipes I could tell The Lost SuperFoods would probably become my crisis nutrition bible.

I was also quite surprised to discover that many of the super foods found inside are also quite inexpensive to make. I mean, the ingredients are quite cheap and readily available at the supermarket. After buying some of what’s needed it came down to about $10 a day to feed my family of 4 using these lost foods.

The Lostsuperfoods Book Review

God knows food is expensive as it is, and the prices just keep on rising it seems, due to inflation or something more sinister – so when I’m looking to build a survival stockpile I like to get as much bang for the buck as possible.

All things considered what I’ve found inside The Lost SuperFoods is actually better compared with regular “survival foods” that you can order online, which are basically just buckets of carbs at a very high price.

I believe this is an important book you can keep on hand not only as a prepper or survivalist, but as a person who is concerned about going to the grocery store one day only to find the shelves empty.

As you probably know this can happen even during a local disaster such as a hurricane, wildfire or tornado. When the brown stuff really hits the fan, stores will be looted in hours and probably stay that way for weeks or even months following the event.

I’m genuinely excited about making some of the super foods inside, and after I showed it to my wife she decided to tag along. This weekend we plan on making Biltong together.

Overall, I think The Lost SuperFoods is a rare gem. I expected to get a few survival foods I didn’t know about but instead I got dozens and dozens of them! There really is a wealth of survival knowledge waiting to be uncovered in this book, that comes from people who lived through hard times. Considering that, I feel that even if it’s a bit expensive this is still great value for money.

If you want to check out this book for yourself, go ahead and:

Click Here to Get Your Copy of The Lost SuperFoods!

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