We live in a world where everything is disposable.

There is always a way to recycle and make use of things before just dumping them into the garbage bin. One item that is discarded the most is an old newspaper.

Once we have read the contents; we just drop it in the bin. But do you know that there are so many things that Old newspaper can be used for? You also become a part of protecting the eco system by recycling plus making the best possible use of things that are available to us within easy reach.

I’m sharing some useful tips that will make you look at this indispensable paper in a whole new way.

Litter Tray Lining with Old Newspapers

For many years I have pet cats most who prefer to live indoors. Having to purchase kitty litter sand has become a drain on the monthly budget. After a while you get accustomed to the smell and need to keep changing the product. This is a costly process.

I found an alternative with old newspapers and do not feel the pinch on my purse. After a good read (I still prefer the newspaper and a steaming hot cup of coffee in the morning) I use them for the litter trays. Lining the litter tray with a generous amount of newspaper sheets in layers and thereafter I shred as many as I could. It’s a satisfying thing to do and is in a way a stress buster to keep tearing away at Newspaper.

Tear the papers into long strips and spread it in a thick layers in the tray. This forms a cushioning effect and does not irritate the animal’s sensitive parts when defecating. Not only is it economical, it also takes away the unpleasant odor that cat feces and urine emanates.

old newspaper

I have been continuing with newspaper for the litter trays for many years now and have introduced it to friends and family. It can be quite an unpleasant experience when you have cats that live indoors and can be a health hazard as well. Needless to say my pets including a rabbit (yes litter trained!) are much more happier and easier to encourage them to use the litter trays without any problems.

In case you happen to be someone who prefers the electronic version of a newspaper then you can easily ask friends, relatives or neighbors who will be more than willing to supply you with excess old newspapers on a regular basis. They would be recycling what they would have otherwise had to get rid of and you would be putting it to good use and doing a favor to our polluted planet.

old newspaper

Weed Controlling with Old Newspapers

For those who love gardening, weeds pose a huge threat not to mention it is the most annoying sight when you find they have grown right next to or in-between your vegetation or flower beds.

This is where old newspaper comes in handy. Old newspaper can be used as mulch especially for vegetable gardens. I find it is easy when the papers are soaked after which I mash it up with a pole or a heavy object and just deposit around the vegetable patch.

old newspaper

I have found it to be a great help to get rid of pesky weeds instead of using chemicals. I spread sheets of newspaper on the area that weeds have grown. I usually keep the area covered for as long as possible. You will be surprised at the result.

Within a few days you can lift the newspaper and you will find that the weeds have turned yellow then brown and eventually they die. The benefit is that you can crumple up the newspaper or tear it into pieces and use it as fertilizer for your plants. Since newspaper perishes when it comes into contact with moisture, you will not have a problem of disposing as it decays and absorbs into the ground.

There is no environmental or health hazard because newspaper contains a major percentage of wood pulp, so in a way we can give back to the environment for the trees cut down to make paper.

old newspaper

Gift Wrapping with Old Newspaper

Have you ever thought of using Newspaper for gift wrapping? Odd as it may sound, wrapping gifts in Newspaper is one of the most beautiful things if you are a person who deals with crafting.

Most of the wrapping paper that is store bought ends up in landfills. Newspaper that you have readily available is economical and it stands out as a unique idea.

old newspaper

Home Use

Every home has furniture that has a drawer. Be it a dresser a pantry cupboard or child’s cupboard, I have found that using old newspaper is much more useful to line the drawers before I add any fancy lining. Readily available in practically any home, I do use it to line the bottom of cupboards as well before putting any other lining at the bottom.

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Another very important use of newspaper is for packing of items!

I run a small business of vintage crockery and packing valuable items such as antique bone china items that needs to be handled with extreme care. For packaging to send out to overseas destinations or even locally, I have always relied on first packing the items with multiple layers of newspaper before I wrap it up with bubble wrap as the final packaging.

old newspaper

Trust me, I haven’t had a single item damaged, not even a chip or a crack and it hasn’t cost me anything because I collect old newspaper from relatives when I visit. I always have newspaper at home.

Cleaning Items such as mirrors and glass window panes, I really don’t know what I would do without cleaning a window without newspaper and vinegar. In spite of having all the fancy cloths sponges and mops, there is nothing that is better than using an old newspaper to get that glass sparkly bright and shining.

old newspaper

In need of an igniter? I always rely on the good old newspaper to start a fire!

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