According to data, the average American uses about 140 rolls of toilet paper per year – That’s almost a dozen per month! Depending on the size of your household, you’d probably have a boatload of brown, cardboard tubes left behind when all the toiler paper is gone.

Aside from being used to fuel your child’s imagination and creativity, you might think that there’s no way that those tubes would end up anywhere but the trash. But believe us, it would be such a shame if you just throw all of those away without even attempting to upcycle it.

That’s why I have prepared this article so you can give another life and another purpose to those seemingly useless tubes of cardboard. Here are 10 ingenious ways to use toilet paper rolls that you never thought of!

Portable Planter

If you’re keen on planting plants that have sensitive roots like peas and beans, chances are you’ve probably used plenty of starter seed trays. However, if you have enough toilet roller paper rolls, you can create a nice, little starter pot for your plants to grow in before you move them to another location.

For every single toilet paper roll you have, you will have two start pots at your disposal. Simply cut the toilet paper in half and pinch one end of the opening and keep it together using glue or other similar materials. Simply arrange them in an open box so they won’t fall over. You can then plant your seeds in them and move them when they’re ready.

You also won’t have to worry about removing improvised pots as they would simply disintegrate into your garden soil.

Bird Feeder

If you consider yourself a real nature lover, then you’ll have to absolutely make a bird feeder out of tissue paper. This way, you’re reducing waste and at the same time, allowing birds to have decent food.

To make one, simply lather a thin layer of peanut butter on the outside of the cardboard tube and finish it up by pouring plenty of bird feeds or seeds all over it or roll it on a plate full of everything that birds love the most.

Next, run a length of yarn through the tube and tie it into a loop. Afterward, just go to your garden and hang it somewhere you’d like for birds to frequent.

Boot Support

Keep your boots standing upright, easier to store, and more presentable in your closet by sticking in a few empty rolls of toilet paper inside them. Simply get three or more cardboard tubes and stick them together one end to another using a glue gun.

Shoe Tree

A toilet paper roll can not only be used as cost-effective boot support but it can be as a functional shoe tree as well. For those who do not know, a shoe tree is a foot-shaped apparatus that are inserted into shoes to help keep their shape, prevent ugly creases, and absorb moisture when not in use.

However, not everyone has the time nor the resources to buy shoe trees. But never fret, just insert an empty toilet paper roll in your shoes and it will do the same job but costs virtually nothing.

Makeshift Sheath

Do you need a knife sheath in a jiffy? Simply flatten a couple of tissue paper rolls and tape them tightly together and you immediately have a makeshift knife sheath! As these rolls are typically made from sturdy cardboard, you won’t have to worry that your knife will cut through them!

Small Game Trap

Tired of varmints getting inside your garden and wreaking havoc on your precious plants? Don’t worry because cardboard tubes will save the day.

Just cover the tubes in sticky glue or double-sided tape and press a few slices of fruit, some seeds, or any bait for your intended target, and set it on an auspicious location where plenty of varmints pass.

Cord Organizer

A good way to keep your assortments of chords, wires, and even Christmas lights from becoming an untangleable mess is to make them into loops and secure them using empty rolls of toilet paper.

You can also use the same technique on rope and paracords whenever you’re out hiking, camping, or hunting when you need to employ their use in a hasty fashion. You can loop them without the need to tie them off at the end as long as the loop is thick enough so they’ll fasten securely on the cardboard tubes. If done correctly, you can just yank the rope out instantly and ready to be used.

Improvised Amplifier

Do you want to listen to music but hate using earphones yet your phone’s volume isn’t loud enough either? A simple solution for that is to create your own improvised amplifier using toilet paper rolls!

Simply turn the roll sideways and create a slit just big enough to slip your phone in and voila, your phone should be a few decibels louder due to the reverberation caused by the confines of the tube. You can then prop your phone up or just allow it to rest on its back.

However, if you want to have a self-standing entrapment, you can stick a shorter tube on both ends of the original amplifier. This will give you a wider base so it can stand on its own and an even better reverberation.

Supplemental Fire Starter

Sure, you might already have plenty of fire starters inside your hiking and survival kit but having an extra alternative would never hurt. Toilet paper rolls are the perfect supplemental fire starter due to their handiness and the fact that it’s made with plenty of layers of paper, which in case you don’t know (quite unlikely) is highly flammable.

Simply squash an empty roll and tuck it inside your kit and you’ll have one more option to choose from when you need a fire outside.

Shed Organizer

Do you have plenty of small items inside your shed with nowhere to put them in? Just grab a couple of tissue paper rolls, seal one of their ends with another circular piece of cardboard, lump them together using tape or glue, and you have another nifty organizer for your small, handy items.

Alternatively, you can stick multiple rolls of cardboard tube on a piece of plywood and what you’ll have is a rack for your articles with a firmer base.


So, there you have it! Now, you’ll finally have second thoughts before chucking that empty roll of toilet paper in the garbage. If you have any questions or additional ideas that you feel should be included in this list, feel free to comment below.

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