For quite some time now, my faith in the government has dwindled significantly.

The blatant corruption at the highest levels of power is no longer concealed, and it’s disheartening.

Here are 9 ways the government is stopping you from living independently.

Restricting Freedom of Speech

The ability to freely express oneself is paramount.

In 2020, we witnessed extensive censorship on social media platforms and in the media. People even faced job loss due to what they said. Recent revelations about government associations with tech giants like Google, Facebook, and Twitter shed light on the extent of speech limitations.

It’s clear that the modern-day soapbox is under surveillance, and the government won’t hesitate to silence voices it deems inconvenient.

How The Government Is Stopping You From Living Independently

Limiting 2nd Amendment Rights

The thing about being able to say what you want is that it only works if you are able to protect that ability, in our case it’s a right.

There is a reason that our founding fathers said, “#1 freedom of speech and #2 right to keep and bear arms.” They understood the power of your words and more importantly your ability to defend that right to say what you want!

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Attacking At Home Food Production

Backyard hen-keeping, a simple means of food production, faces legal restrictions in many areas. Eggs cost around a lot right now in this nation.

A government that cared about its people would be loosening backyard hen keeping restrictions and talking about how easy it could be for millions of Americans to produce 6 eggs a day in their own backyard!

How The Government Is Stopping You From Living Independently

Obstructing Water Storage

Access to water is vital for independence. Some governments prohibit the collection of rainwater in barrels, depriving citizens of a crucial water source in emergencies. Rainwater can be filtered for drinking or used for basic needs like flushing toilets.

Whatever you use it for having that extra water makes you stronger as an individual and more prepared. It is mind boggling that the government would want to stand in the way of that.

Allowing Monopolized Purchasing of Single-Family Homes

Powerful investors are acquiring a significant portion of single-family homes, raising concerns about housing access and affordability. With homelessness on the rise, the government should consider measures to prevent such monopolization, as it aligns with conspiracy theories like “The Great Reset.”

“You will own nothing and you will like it”, it seems impossible, right? How could they pull something like that off?

Well, what if they’ll own more percentage of single-family homes in the nearest future?

How The Government Is Stopping You From Living Independently

Starting Wars

Living independently is tough when the threat of nuclear war is looming over your head. In our nation the President must seek approval from Congress to go to war.

Yet, of the many wars or ‘conflict’ we have been involved with there hasn’t been a lot of approval seeking!

Here we sit again, facing a couple of ‘conflicts’ that are affecting our freedom and daily life, yet not one of us gets to raise our hand and say yes or no for involvement with this war in Ukraine or the brewing conflict in Taiwan.

While you might think you can move away from cities and get to an isolated place where war will not affect you, if it gets bad enough it will affect everyone on this planet!

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Manipulating Energy Prices

Access to affordable fuel is essential for rural homesteads and suburban life.

Government interference in the energy market can disrupt the supply and affordability of fuel. A balanced approach should ensure energy security while meeting market demands.

In this energy crisis that we are in there has been one hindrance bigger than all the rest. Our government here in the US has weakened our fuel production to levels not seen before. We have been pulling from our strategic oil reserves and none of it is necessary.

How The Government Is Stopping You From Living Independently

Attacking Your Income

Over the past few years, substantial changes have occurred without adequate public input, leading to taxation without representation. Even smaller payments through platforms like PayPal and Venmo are now subject to taxation, eroding financial independence.

Every bit of income that is taken from you by your government and reappropriated in a way that you have no say in is killing your independence and stopping you from living independently.

The End-Of-Life Monopoly

When someone you love gets terminally ill or passes away it is one of the hardest things on the family at large. It’s such a big issue that it can literally rip families apart. Whether you are seeking affordable medical care for the person you love, or dealing with an estate and all that goes along with it, the government is there to “help” at every turn.

Were you aware that if you lack the financial means to cover the expenses of caring for your elderly parents, the government may step in by taking possession of their assets and liquidating them, ultimately enabling you to place them in a nursing home?

Furthermore, the government may interject itself into the contents of your will, attempting to divert a portion of your inheritance toward bureaucratic ends.

In instances where you struggle to maintain inherited property or meet tax obligations, the government may not hesitate to seize the wealth designated for you in the will your parents had crafted.

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How The Government Is Stopping You From Living Independently

Over the past two decades, the government has expanded significantly, demanding an exorbitant amount of financial resources. This isn’t the first time in history we’ve witnessed such a trend.

In our current era, individual independence and strength are imperative. Despite the government’s apparent efforts to curtail our independence, there are often alternative avenues. Our right to vote and the ability to engage with our representatives remain intact. Additionally, presenting your concerns before a city council is a viable option.

While this may appear challenging, I’ve witnessed changes in laws and regulations when organized groups voiced their concerns to elected officials.

This raises a pertinent question: Is the government encroaching on our independence because we’ve become too complacent to defend it?

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