If you are looking for new and easy projects but you don’t know where to start, here’s an idea for you: PVC DIY projects.

In this article, I am going to give you 36 amazing PVC DIY projects that will show you how you can use PVC pipes in a creative way and how to make the most of a reusable product!

I have divided the article into different sections, so there’s something for everyone!

Garden Uses

Tomato Cages

They can be used as a handy and reusable cage for holding up your tomatoes.

You can make the cages according to the type of tomatoes that you grow, as the pipes are so malleable you can create them for whatever size you need!

Cucumber Trellis 

Cucumbers can be grown on the ground but they grow better up a trellis.

The PVC pipes will keep the trellis sturdy and give your cucumbers plenty of space to climb.

Cold Frames 

Do you need something to protect your crops in Autumn or Winter? You can make a cold frame out of PVC pipes!

The pipes bend to different shapes which makes them perfect for the curve-like design of a cold frame, and you can make them yourself.

Deep Irrigation 

This is an excellent tool to help you water the roots of your plants.

With a deep irrigation system, all you need to do is take a pipe, drill a few holes and then insert it into the ground next to the plants and dump water down the pipe for thorough watering.


Handheld Seeders 

This is a perfect tool when it comes to planting your seeds, as it saves you from the usual backache of seeding.

This also allows your seeds to be made to your height for added ease and comfort.

Take the seed and drop it through the pipe which drops the seed into a hole in the ground.

Ground Irrigation

This form of irrigation can be more complex compared to deep irrigation. As you can make as many lines and cover as much of your area as you’d like, it requires more work to build but saves a lot of work and watering once it is finished.

So, it can be the ideal solution for a long-term irrigation system.

Garden Tool Holders

Maybe you don’t have crops and you prefer to do some gardening as a hobby, and occasionally you like to plant some flowers outside your home.

But we all need somewhere to put the tools, right? A PVC holder is an ideal solution.

You can attach them to your wall, or shed, and hang up your tools until you’re finished work and get to gardening!

Aquaponics Growing

A PVC pipe is wonderful for holding water so it makes a great aquaponic garden.

All you have to do is, cap the ends and drill holes for the size of plants you have…simple!


Garden Hose Holder 

So, now you have your garden tool holder but you need somewhere to put your garden hose.

Why not use a PVC holder for that, too?

You can even attach wheels to the bottom which makes it easy for you to move it around or place it in the corner of your garden.

Window Gardens

There are also options for those who don’t have an outdoor garden, and that is window gardens.

The PVC can be cut to heights and lengths needed for either horizontal or vertical growth in your window sills, so you can place it in an area with lots of light.

In the PVC window gardens, you can grow whatever you want inside and add some beautiful colors inside your home.

Container Gardens

As PVC pipes come in a broad range of sizes, the options are endless for making containers for a container garden.

You can place these containers anywhere you’d like in your house, garden, or even on the patio.

Small Greenhouse Frames

A creative use of PVC pipes is for making a small greenhouse.

The pipes can frame a hoop greenhouse, a small square one, or even one that is built onto a wall for half a greenhouse…they are great for experimenting with!

Tomato Stakes and Waterer 

If you need help growing your tomatoes then this is the right idea for you.

With this, you can easily tie your plants up to the height of the pipe. It’s also great when it comes to watering, as all you need to do is water down the pipe to reach the tomatoes.

PVC Berry and Fruit Picker

This is perfect for all those tricky fruits up high on trees.

All it requires is a little tweaking on the tip and a piece of pipe round enough so that the fruit can be picked and slip down the pipe to your basket.


Animal Care

Chicken Feeders

If you own land, you might also have some animals accompanying your crops.

For instance, chickens eat a lot and like to get in the way when you try to feed other animals.

Making a PVC chicken feeder is the solution.

Hog Waterers

To make a hog waterer, you’ll need to buy a nipple and thread it into the pipe, attach a cap, and the waterproof whole thing. Then you have a waterer!

Milking Stand

To make a milking stand, it will be a little more difficult to complete, but if you have milk goats or sheep then your back will appreciate the extra effort after a hard day’s work.

Just make sure the stand is strong enough to hold all your livestock., or else there might be a problem!


Chicken Tractor

This is a simple, and easy PVC pipe creation. It can be used to maintain your flock and allow you to get on with your job!

Chicken Waterer

A PVC waterer takes some work to not leak, so you have to make sure you have a strong enough one to hold lots of water.

This waterer is an automatic waterer, so it can hold several gallons.

Bird Feeder 

If you have little birds visiting your home sometimes, you should definitely make a PVC bird feeder.

Hanging bird feeders are appreciated by the wild birds, especially in the winter months so this is guaranteed to attract lots of visitors.

The bird feeder can be made very simple or even can be built to deter squirrels from getting into it.


If you get some bird visitors, then how about making them a house?

PVC birdhouses can be decorated in very nice colors and can be spacious enough to be able to comfortably make a home for a bird, or even a nest of them.

Dog Cot

If you have some beautiful furniture that you’d like to keep free of fur animals, why not make your dog a cot?

For the smaller dog, you can build the cot low to the ground. As a PVC pipe is not the prettiest, you can cover it in any material you’d like to make sure it’s extra cozy for your dog.

Frozen Tubes for Keeping Cool

Frozen tubes serve the same purpose as a frozen two-liter bottle, but they will hold ice for longer.

The frozen pipes can be put in pens to keep animals cool by laying against or they can be put into water bowls to help keep the water cool. This is ideal for the summer months.

Dog Food and Water Stand

This PVC pipe project is amazing for those DIY Sundays.

The legs of the stand can be made to height and adjust them to the size of your food and water bowls, depending on the size of your dog.

Small Animal Pen

PVC pipes can also be used for an animal pen, for those animals that want some fresh air but need some supervision!

Plus, it can be taken apart for easy storage.


Homesteading Chores

Camp Chairs

You can never go wrong with chairs.

These PVC chairs are lightweight and easy to move around, so you can put them outside in the sun and watch the birds visit their birdhouse.

Build your chair and then take it around with you for when you need a break from your chores.

Gutter Cleaners

The PVC gutter cleaner is much better than going up a ladder.

The pipe can be hooked to a hose and then placed up to the gutters for spraying and cleaning out any rubbish.


Tapestry Loom 

This is an obscure example of how to use a PVC pipe, but it might come in handy for those who’d like to make one with a simple DIY trick.


A PVC wagon is lightweight and easy to make, plus a wagon always comes in handy!

Frame the walls of the wagon and place it on some wheel and it is easy to move around. You can also pull the kiddos around on it for fun, or even a dog!

Clothes Rack 

If you need something practical inside your house, you can also use PVC pipes to make a clothes rack.

Although this DIY clothes rack is smaller than a regular clothesline, it still does a wonderful job at storing your clothes.

You also have a mobile drying rack to take with you on trips or camping or when swimming to dry your wet towels. It’s a perfect addition to your home.

Target Stands

A PVC target stand can be adjusted for different levels for shooting. The stand can be made to hold different items for target practice, so it’s great for those who like to practice shooting.

Trash Bag Dispenser

This is a simple way to make a PVC pipe useful. All you have to do is, make a wide cut into the side of the pipe, then attach it to a cabinet or wall hook.

Slide the roll of trash bags through an end and pull them individually out of the slit in the side. Then, you have a trash bag dispenser.

Outside Shower

An outside shower is not a requirement but it sure is nice to have, especially on the hot summer days.

It can also be good if you have been out cleaning the hog barn and want to keep the smell and dirt outside of the house.

Pipe Spool Holders

This project is more for organizing different things in your house.

The pipes make nice organizers for hanging things such as ribbon, tape, and even wire. Plus, it’s a creative way to create more storage, and everyone needs more storage.


Recycling Bag Holders 

This holder is an easy project to make at home. Just build a frame that will stand and put a large trash bag in it.

Waterproof Cache

You can also make a waterproof cache out of PVC. You can make the cache as long or as big around as you like with the pipe of your choosing. Cap and waterproof the ends to be sure that your stuff is protected from any rain or water. Food, money, or even medicine are great items to put into your cache and store.

All these projects are easy to do and don’t require fancy equipment. They can be cut, shaped, and fitted together easily for fun and handy projects. Paint even sticks well to the plastic to make for the projects to be decorative as well as useful.

With careful measuring and a little time, these projects can add so much to your life, and plus, they’re fun to make.

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