When you wake up to the Energy Secretary of the US saying that the President is considering tapping the nation’s strategic petroleum reserves, you know we are dealing with a historic energy crisis.

Americans will pay more this winter to heat their homes and to fuel their vehicles. Europeans are looking at prices that could be 5x higher than last year! Of course, Russia being a source of natural gas to Europe, means they never really know how winter is going to go.

How is all this going to affect your home? What are some of the steps you can take now to prepare for the rising energy prices in the latter part of 2021 and through 2022?

Consider Storage

As prepared homesteaders, we see problems coming and we bulk up and fortify our resources to deal with them. When it comes to fuel storage, you gotta be really careful and considerate about the nuances.

Storing highly combustible fuel comes with an inherent safety risk. You do not wanna fill a garage, shed or crawlspace up with extra fuel because you are basically creating a massive fire risk! You could turn your home into a firebomb.

Storing 200 gallons of gasoline or other fuel also brings to bear the importance of rotation. If you do not use your old fuel first, then you are likely going to wind up with fuel that will either not work when you need it or perform poorly.

Fuel storage is not something you can set and forget! However, it would be silly not to store a little extra gasoline, propane, and kerosene, if you can use those fuels to heat your home.

How To Prepare For The Rising Energy Prices

Buy Now

Whether we are talking about buying fuel oil for heating, gasoline for machines, or something that is not even fuel related. If you have preps, gifts, or other purchases that you think you should make, well, there is a good chance you should make that purchase now.

Rising energy prices are going to affect the price of everything, so buying now is going to save money and will also play a huge factor in availability.

With the shipping issues, microchip issues and rising energy prices, I have been really thinking about buying a new vehicle just to lock in the price and availability.

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How To Prepare For The Rising Energy Prices

Multiple Ways To Heat Your Home

The people of South Dakota are looking at the price of heating their home going up exponentially!

We are looking at the price of oil potentially hitting $100 a barrel through the winter, or higher! So, there are two scenarios that you should be preparing for today.

1. The price of fuel for heating your home goes up to the point that it seriously affects your monthly budget.
2. Shortages of fuel limit availability.

Your modern home heating system is a marvel but if it doesn’t have fuel then it will do you no good. So, you need other ways of heating the home and RIGHT NOW is the time to buy those before more people start running into this problem.

• Wood Stove
• Electric Space Heaters
• Kerosene Heaters
• Propane Heaters
• Fireplace

These are a few examples of ways to heat your home that will not require oil or natural gas.

How To Prepare For The Rising Energy Prices

Handle The Holidays Now

When you think about energy you might get all spun up over the cost of things like fuel, but rising energy prices affect everything that moves around on this planet. It affects how the food is produced and shipped as well as all the goods.

There are going to be two crowds this holiday season. There will be people who buy early and get what they want. Then there will be people who may literally fight for what is left as the holidays close in. Don’t be part of the latter group.

Consider The Geopolitical

Rising energy prices affect the entire world! In fact, these energy prices effect struggling nations much more than 1st world nations. We gotta pay more for our steak but they might not even get the food or water they need to live!

A strategists team from a multinational investment bank and financial services, believes that the rise in coal prices and the effects of inflation could extend to all fossil fuels. In short, they believe that $150-$200 a barrel oil could be a reality in the near future.

Tensions between Taiwan and China are a huge issue right now and rising energy prices could only add to that problem. China is going to make a move on Taiwan, but timing is everything.

Economic downturn is always a precursor for war and that downturn for China could force their hand and affect the entire globe.

Prepare for no fuel and no resources if the nation gets involved in any kind of war with China. You have to start setting up your own local supply chain now. Local goods and foods should make up a lot of what comes into your household.

How To Prepare For The Rising Energy Prices

Our world is run on and made from fossil fuels. Its staggering when you realize just how much of what we make and what we do is derived from crude oil, or the leftovers of processing that fuel.

Rising energy prices are going to affect every aspect of your life and that is just the reality of it all. It doesn’t look to me like the American government has an answer for these shortages either. So, the burden will fall onto you, the consumer.

Prep up for tough times and be sure you can keep your family warm this winter, no matter how expensive fuel gets or what effect it has on the world at large.

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