I always dreamed of living a non-toxic life in every way as I firmly believe it is the key to a healthy life. Plants are my favorite go to at any time or the day and it is therapeutic.

Having plants in your home makes you feel more relaxed at ease and less stressed. Some indoor plants that are air purifiers also help with sleep problems and are known to help with insomnia.

Plants play a key role in our lives as it stimulates us mentally. Having purified air in our homes comes in the form of proper ventilation but in addition there are plants that help us purify the air that we breathe.

We spend a lot of time indoors and we need to breathe and enjoy the air that we breathe free of pollution. Our homes have silent polluters in the form of bacteria, virus, gases, carpeting, pet dander, paint, mold and even from the furniture that we have there are impurities that we inhale. The air we breathe is full of pollutants that we cannot see. It is not visible to the naked eye, but we often can feel the effects. It’s just that sometimes we just do not know it until we fall terribly ill.

All this can cause so many allergic reactions and health related problems such as wheezing, coughs, colds, urticaria and skin related problems, irritability, fatigue and throat and eye irritation just to name a few.

1. Boston Fern

Boston fern is a graceful plant that needs moist soil to stay healthy. You only need to mist it once a week. It thrives in indirect light.

house plants that purify air

2. Aloe Vera

Easy to grow and is useful and in addition to purifying the air if you place the plant in the kitchen, in an emergency Aloe-Vera is useful especially for burns. Simply snap off a piece and rub the gel on the affected area.

3. Spider Plants

Spider plants are easy to grow and they tend to prefer slightly dry soil. It’s easy maintenance as they just continue to grow little spiders that hang from the ends. It makes an excellent ornamental plant as well.

4. Wax Plant

An easy to grow plant it is not fussy and doesn’t need any special care. It is okay to forget to water it once in a while and while it purifies the air it is also safe for pets.

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house plants that purify air

5. Purple Waffle Plant

I love that name! The purple waffle plant is relatively small in size and the colorful bright leaves that it has makes it a cute plant to place on top of a book shelf. It purifies the air and is a pretty plant adding color to a room with a book shelf. Wonder who called it Waffle!

6. Dumb Cane Plant

The dumb cane plant shouldn’t be over watered but the top inch soil should be kept moist. It needs light so finding a suitable place is important.

7. Dracaena or Dragon Tree

The Dracaena has many health benefits and is ideal to be kept in the bedroom. It is known to eliminate chemical compounds in the home. The ideal place to keep the Dragon tree is in front of a sheer curtain that filters in the sunlight. If placed with minimum light the growth slows.

house plants that purify air

8. Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo is a pretty plant that can be intertwined and placed on a table or any other surfaces It prefers moderate light and not too much of water so don’t over water and keep the top soil dry as it will thrive and grow while purifying the air in your home.

9. Orchids

Orchids are beautiful and help with cleaning and purifying the air in your home. While there are so many varieties you can choose whatever you like either large or smaller ones. Water it once a week and place it where there is indirect sunlight.

10. Red Aglaonema

The red Aglaonema plant is beautiful and is known to be a plant that boosts a person’s energy levels. It has great air purifying properties. Placing it where there is indirect sunlight helps to retain the bright red color which may be the reason why it boosts a person’s mood and uplifts energy levels.

house plants that purify air

Plants are a wonderful way of making use of natural resources given to us by God. Nature has an abundance of plants for different types of needs and we only need to look around.

Rather than using air fresheners and other artificial means, it is far better to have potted plants in the home in different locations. Most of the air purifying plants are freely available around us. We can select a few and propagate extra plants.

These are little ways in taking care of our health with what we have and it is not difficult to source. Most of the time when we look around we find that these are growing in our gardens. We have just not been aware of it.

While every home is not blessed with perfect ventilation, at least wherever there is space you can easily have plants that are air purifiers. Hanging pots with Boston ferns make a beautiful addition to a home. It is also safe for pets and the deep green foliage that spreads and hangs around the pot is beautiful to look at.

There is no hard and fast rule where you should have air purifying plants. It can be in the living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom , any place you want it to be.

Indoor air purifying plants are a wonderful way of staying close to nature and bringing nature home.

So go ahead and look around, I’m sure you will have at least one of the plants listed. Take a deep breath and enjoy the fresh air in your home.

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