Have you been tossing out egg cartons in your yard, thinking they’re useless? If so, it’s time to gather those cartons and turn them into something productive! Not sure what I’m talking about? Keep reading to get all the details.

Living on a farmstead, I’ve always kept myself well-stocked on eggs. However, this often left me with a bunch of cartons that I had no idea what to do with. Fortunately, a friend advised me to utilize these cartons for creative projects, and I had never felt more excited before.

In today’s post, I will share all these tried and tested small projects you can create using egg cartons. Be sure to read this article till the end.

Starting SeedlingsIngenious Uses for Egg Cartons

Believe me fellows, egg cartons can serve as the most suitable and softest ground for starting seedlings. Here’s my cost-effective step-by-step guide to help you repurpose egg cartons for seed germination:

  • Choose an egg carton and the potting soil you’ll use for germination.
  • Carefully place potting soil into each crater.
  • Now, using a stick, create holes in the soil and plant the seeds accordingly.
  • Finally, cover the seeds with some more soil, give them a gentle spray of water, and voila, your DIY seedling starter is ready!
  • Place these cartons in a warm corner of your house, preferably with a minimum temperature of 70°F.

Additionally, for a greener seedling experience, consider repurposing both, egg cartons and eggshells. Instead of filling the cartons, fill the eggshells with soil and place them inside the carton.

DIY Worm Farm

As an avid gardener, I know how worms are vital to any garden. For this purpose, I had installed various worm farms on my homestead. Ingenious Uses for Egg CartonsHowever, maintaining them was a headache until my fellow homesteader made me aware of a DIY worm farm using egg cartons.

If you also want to own a worm farm on your farmstead without doing much, then consider following the below guide:

  • Take a large plastic container and drill or poke small holes in the lid for ventilation.
  • Shred cardboard into small pieces, dampen them, and place them at the bottom of the container.
  • Next, place the egg cartons on top of the bedding to provide a cozy hideout for the worms.
  • Introduce the worms into the container along with the soil they were originally in.
  • For feeding purposes, you can add kitchen scraps like coffee grounds or vegetable peels.

After a few months, the worms will turn the soil into nutrient-rich vermicompost containing beneficial microbes. These microbes aid in nutrient absorption by plants and protect them from diseases. So, if you want your farm to flourish, then vermicomposting is the way to go!


Camping on your farmstead and unsure how to start a fire? No worries when you have egg cartons, dryer lint, and some dollar shop candles.

To spark up a fire using egg cartons:

  • Start by placing dryer lint in every cavity of the carton. I’ve been saving dryer lint for this purpose for quite some time. However, if you don’t have them, you can also consider using sawdust.
  • Next, pour melted wax on top of the dryer lint in each cavity and wait for it to dry out.
  • Once solidified, carefully cut out the craters from the carton using scissors. Now, you have this fire-starting pod that you can use whenever and wherever you want.

Moreover, you can also utilize other household items like cotton balls or paper strips to enhance the fire-starting process further. Also, ensure the egg cartons and any additional materials, such as paper or wood shavings, are completely dry. Moisture can delay the ignition process and create unnecessary smoke.

Organizing with Egg Cartons

You can also use egg cartons for various creative purposes. Some of my go-to favorites are using them for organizing small items like screws, bolts, or nuts in my hardware room.

Moreover, if you have little ones who enjoy painting, you can give them egg cartons as a makeshift paint palette. It makes accessing and mixing paint easy and makes the whole process mess-free.

Another amazing way to put egg cartons into good use is by transforming them into jewelry organizers. You can utilize these tiny compartments to keep your jewelry neat and tangle-free. And the best part is that you can also paint or decorate them accordingly.

Bird FeedersIngenious Uses for Egg Cartons

Egg cartons can be transformed into charming bird feeders, offering a sustainable way to attract and nourish local bird species. For this purpose, you don’t have to do much, just take into account the below tips:

  • Cut the egg carton in half, lengthwise, creating two long sections.
  • Fill each cup of the carton with birdseed with a generous amount in each compartment.
  • You can also spread peanut butter outside the carton and roll it in birdseed for an extra treat.
  • Hang your egg carton bird feeder in a tree or on a hook and watch as birds flock to enjoy the feast.

Trust me, friends, this is one of the sustainable ways to feed local wildlife that also provides an amazing opportunity to spot incredible species of birds.

Making Ice Cubes with Egg Cartons

Egg cartons can also be transformed into the perfect mold for DIY ice cubes. This is how:

  • Cut the egg carton into individual cups, creating small sections.
  • Line each cup with aluminum foil.
  • Fill the cups with water, leaving a little space at the top for expansion.
  • Place the filled egg cartons in the freezer for about 4-8 hours and let it freeze completely.
  • Once frozen, you can easily pop out the individual egg cup ice cubes and use them to cool your favorite drinks.

The possibilities are endless, from nurturing seedlings and crafting DIY worm farms to organizing small items and even making ice cubes.

So, the next time you toss anything into waste, think twice about how you can repurpose it creatively and usefully.

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