My dad is living with me and my family. He just had his 80th birthday, but he’s very sick and bedbound. To top it all off, he also needs dialysis three times a week and because he cannot just go to a hospital, we have an at-home dialysis device. I can’t afford to have this device broken by the effects of the EMP.

So over the last years, I’ve searched, tested, and tried a lot of EMP protection devices. In my research, I stumbled upon dozens of gadgets and inventions. I spent a lot of time and a lot more money trying some of them.

But I’m happy to say I found something that works and I want to share my discovery with you. One day, a close friend sent me the link for something called an EMP Cloth. He was convinced it was what I was looking for. I clicked on it but was not very hopeful. And…it was something that looked like a blanket.

So I ordered ”the blanket” and to my surprise, it was delivered very fast right to my doorstep. Now my job was to test it to see what’s the deal with it. The return policy was quite generous, so I wasn’t in a hurry, but at that point, I was intrigued.

It said it was developed by American scientists and it was supposed to work just like a Faraday Cage and it even stops anybody from tracking your phone. It’s supposed to provide 98% military-grade protection against electromagnetic waves.

Better Than a Faraday Cage

To test it I used a radio and an old mobile phone. I turned on the radio and wrapped both in the EMP Cloth, making sure nothing was exposed. And as soon as I was done, the music coming from the radio stopped. This means it has no signal inside because no electromagnetic waves are passing through. So, this thin piece of material was working.

But I also had to check with the phone and I made a call to my old phone wrapped in the cloth. Nothing. Complete silence. This meant it worked. Eureka!

Better Than a Faraday Cage

It’s probably the simplest method I found to protect my dad’s precious dialysis machine and all the other appliances me and my family will need in the event of an EMP or CME.

The cloth it’s also big enough to fully cover any type of electric generator, diesel, solar, gasoline, etc. and you can even cut it to fit smaller objects, like laptops, walkie-talkies, radios, phones, and anything else you need to keep protected from the devastating effects of an EMP.

The only thing is that although it’s quite big, 15 feet long and 3.5 feet wide, just not big enough for a car. But I already ordered my second one. It should be on its way and as soon as it gets here, the plan is to sow the two together and have it ready to wrap my car.

Hopefully, you won’t have to deal with this sort of problem I have and you just want to keep all your electronics safe and functional. That’s why I recommend the EMP Cloth and if you want to test it yourself, you can find it at this link.

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