Our world is extremely polluted especially the rivers streams seas and anything connected with water.

If you are homesteading and aiming to be self-sufficient, then it is our duty and responsibility to leave the minimum carbon footprint when we leave this earth. Sadly we have rain and water in abundance and yet, some are deprived of it for faults not committed by them.

There is always a need for ingenious ways for rain water catchments and this article gives you an ingenious idea on how to harvest rain water in an easy and simplified manner.

This method is ideal for a small homestead such as mine, and with minimum effort and practical methods it has been possible for me to come up with this idea to collect rain water. This is my easy ingenious way to harvest rainwater with just a few simple items.

I usually buy hardware items and plumbing stuff as I never know when there will be a leak or a crack and I have stuff readily available. With the cost of materials skyrocketing to insane limits, pipes sockets joints, the extra-large ones will always come in handy. The ones I have are huge so a large volume of water can flow through.

All the items that are in the pics were available at home and all I had to do was to think of how best I could put them to good use.

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ingenious rain catchment system

I live where there is rarely any water cut. However there are periods when the water pressure is very low and during the hot season it can be really annoying when I open a tap to find just a trickle of water coming from the shower.

I have been wanting for quite some time now to collect rainwater to utilize for the plants and for drinking water for the animals. My roof is low and when the rains come there is a huge gush of water that falls directly into the roof and lands on the ground. Sometimes it looks like a mini water fall. the flow of water is stupendously high, and many times I would just look at the water and think “Why on earth don’t I have a catchment system to collect all this water?!”

I have always felt very guilty to think that I am allowing such a precious commodity to simply land on the ground and slither away when in actual fact I could make use of it, instead of unnecessarily paying a water bill. I realized that I could reduce drastically my bills simply by collecting water into large bottles.

When I think of how much people in different parts of the world suffer, due to lack of water for drinking, sanitation and having a shower or bath. They have to tread for so many miles carrying massive vessels just to collect water. In some instances the water they collect is so muddy that it has to be strained with a cloth and still they run the risk of contamination and health risks.

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ingenious rain catchment system

I feel immensely blessed to think that not only do I have clean water from a tap, I also have an abundance of rain water that just goes to waste. I watched a documentary where the people were collecting water and it turns out that the water they were collecting from a hole was connected to the sewage of a hospital and was so badly contaminated. Sadly this happened in the country I live in. Luckily a private company stepped in and provided them with clean and safe drinking water.

I usually love to do my own thing and have the ideas though I lack in height, but there is always the ladder to the rescue. For collecting rain water here are just a few simple items that will make it super easy to harvest rainwater. I cannot recommend this for drinking but for any other uses I find it to be the best solution to not use the pipe born water supply.

ingenious rain catchment system

I used Extra Large Sockets chains and pipes to collect the water that would otherwise just absorb into the earth. I have attached the chains onto the socket, and have directed the chains into three 19 Litre bottles that I had at home.

Having three bottles, I am able to harvest 19 L x 3 = 57 L! That is a lot and with it I can use it for washing the dishes, providing drinking water for 9 animals and water the plants and maybe hand wash a few linen items. I can also keep filling these bottles or I have the option of having a large bucket places underneath so I get to top up more rainwater.

ingenious rain catchment system

With Dengue on the rise during the monsoon rains, I have to deal with mosquitos, though I have dragonflies to help me with that, I have to make sure that they do not breed in the rain water so keeping it tightly capped, but before that I add a few teaspoons of salt into the water. I find that it helps for the water not to get stale.

Generally it will get used up anyway but in case I want to store it for any other purpose, capping or covering the items make it safe to store. I also leave plants that need a regular supply of water and moisture daily like Palm trees and Boston ferns under the chains and it trickles onto the plants so I do not have to water them.

Rain comes to us free, so why not try out this simple ingenious method of harvesting rain water when rain falls in abundance. I didn’t need any help at all as you can see. I did it on my own and it is not rocket science.

ingenious rain catchment system

You just need an idea and be able to make use of materials you have at home. Just look around and you will find you can make use of items right in your storage or garage. Every pipe, every socket will always be needed when it comes to water.

Try this out and you will not regret it. No fancy massive containers or expensive stop taps and paraphernalia was needed.

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