Making a scarecrow can be very interesting and it will definitely come in handy.

This is a very easy and low-cost project, you can use materials you can find on your property. Birds can wreak havoc on your crops, and you can’t be there 24/7. I made mine to make it look like I am there. You can add some decorations, maybe if you have some left from Halloween.

You can get most of the materials from your house, I used some old ones I had around.

Items Needed

  • Wood or bamboo stick approximately 7 feet for the body and 5 feet for the arms.
  • Old clothes (full sleeves shirt and pants)
  • Straw, or you can use grass if don’t have straw (or plastic materials)
  • Twine or string
  • Safety pins
  • Old gloves and boots
  • You can use a pillowcase, a bucket, a pot, or other similar material to make the head

Step 1: Build The Frame

I used for my frame two bamboo sticks: 7 feet and 5 feet. If you don’t have a bamboo stick you can use pieces of your fences and branches. Then we are going to lash a 7 feet pole about 6 inches from the top. You can use thread or twine, and create a cross shape with two sticks longer; one will be the body while the shorter one is the base for the arms, this will create the shoulders of the scarecrow.

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build the cheapest scarecrow

Step 2: Make The Body

You can use your old clothes for this. I had some left, clothes that I used to use for gardening.

Take a twine and tie an old pair of pants at bottom of each leg. Stuff the pants with straw or other materials like grass, stuffing until they are in shape, and put a hole at the bottom of the pants for the stick to pass through. You can also use pantyhose to make it for the shirt sleeves and head.

build the cheapest scarecrow

Step 3: Shirt and Pants On

Now you need to dress the scarecrow. Put the shirt on the scarecrow and then the stuffed pants. Tuck the shirt into the pants, leave the shirt to unbutton safety pin pants from inside around the waist; stuff the chest buttoning then go until the body is full. If you would like to add gloves to your scarecrow you can add them, make sure that you stuff it enough to give it a good solid shape.

  • Do not use paper to stuff the body, rainfall may cause it to become shapeless.
  • If you don’t have a straw you can use grass, plastic bags other materials.

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build the cheapest scarecrow

Step 4: Making The Head

For making a scarecrow head we can use old pillows, a bucket or any other thing that would look like a face. To make the face with eyes and nose, we will use a permanent marker. You can also cut out pieces of scrap fabric for eyes, nose, and mouth and glue them into pieces. We can use masks also. Using other household items like:

  • Pumpkins: use a knife to cut out the facial features of your scarecrow.
  • Bucket: you can draw the face on the bucket and use it as the face.
  • Burlap: fill the bag with other plastic bags or straws.

build the cheapest scarecrow

Final Touch

If everything was not enough, to make it look as humanly possible, you can add a hat or you can place a wig. If you have some extra time, you can also add some bottle caps and straws in the hair, to make some noise. Alternatively, you can attach noise makers.

I placed the scarecrow in the right place for my backyard and secured it with dirt.

You can dig a hole about a foot deep, plant the bottom of the frame in the hole so the boots are touching the ground. Fill the hole in. Make sure that it doesn’t move in heavy winds.

It should also be easy for you to move around, since these birds are smarter than most people think, and they quickly become familiar with the structures.

You can use your imagination and be more creative. Making a scarecrow can be a fun activity you do with your kids or grandchildren. You can also make it scary or make it funny. You can even make some small scarecrows, like a family and put the scarecrow family members all over the garden.

build the cheapest scarecrow

Did you know? “Build A Scarecrow Day” is a unique festival that is celebrated each year in the US (the first Saturday in July).

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