Taking some time off to pop some popcorn and watch an entertaining movie or two, can sometimes remove all the stress out of your life.

In this case, from these ones mentioned in the article, we can definitely learn something extra for our lifestyle.

Here’s a list of some of the best movies for self-sufficient living that will leave you feeling rejuvenated:

Cast Away

Cast Away begins with an employee of a courier company, Chuck Noland, traveling for work. On his way, the cargo plane he was on crashed in the Pacific Ocean.

Of all the passengers on the plane, Chuck was the only survivor. He used an inflatable life raft to float to a nearby uninhabited island.

There was no hope of rescue for Chuck, so he had to fend for himself. He taught himself how to start a fire, stock up food, and many other survival skills.

Four years later, a cargo ship rescued him, and when he got back to civilization, he found that he was pronounced dead and his wife had remarried.

Why Castaway is a Great Movie: Cast Away is a Golden Global survival thriller that can teach homesteaders survival skills.

Key Takeaways: This movie broadens your perspective on life by showing you that anything can go wrong at any time, and you should prepare yourself and take measures.

Movie Trailer: Here

Best Homesteading Movies to Watch

Captain Fantastic

Captain Fantastic is a drama that centers on a family that retreated from the world for a decade then later forced by circumstances to reintegrate back into society.

Ben Cash, his wife Leslie, and six children lived in the isolated Washington wilderness. These two educated their kids to think critically and to be self-reliant.

Leslie was later diagnosed with bipolar disorder, which led her to commit suicide, leaving Ben alone with the kids.

Difficult circumstances pushed Ben and the children out of the wilderness and into society.

Away from their self-made paradise, the children started doubting Ben’s parenting skills and blamed him for the mother’s demise.

Why Captain Fantastic is a Great Movie: Even though there were a lot of thought-provoking themes in this movie, the subtle humor lightened the mood.

Key Takeaways: You can live without technology.

Movie Trailer: Here

Best Homesteading Movies to Watch

Into The Wild

After graduating from university, as a top student and athlete, Christopher McCandless abandoned modern society.

He destroyed his identity documents and credit cards, donated his entire savings to charity, and set off into the wilderness. He didn’t tell his family parents where he was going, neither did he keep in touch, leaving his parents anxious.

McCandless traveled through several towns making friends and breaking the hearts of others.

Flash-forward four months, he lives off-grid in Alaska, hunting and growing his food.

McCandless learned the hard way that living off-the-grid was demanding and punishing as he failed to preserve the game he shot, and his food supply was always spoiling very quickly.

Why Into the Wild is a Great Movie: This film won two nominations to the Golden Globes Awards (it is also based on a true events).

Key Takeaways: Never rush into living off-grid without equipping yourself with the necessary skills.

Movie Trailer: Here

Best Homesteading Movies to Watch

Leave No Trace

Leave no Trace is an American drama that follows a military veteran who lives with his teenage daughter in the woods.

Will, the veteran, and Tom, the daughter, live in isolation, using their survival skills and going to town occasionally to get food and supplies.

One day a jogger spotted Tom in the woods and reported her to park rangers, who arrested and detained her. They assessed her competence and found her to be educationally advanced despite her lack of conventional schooling.

After Tom was released, they were given an empty trailer in the community which Will later left, leaving Tom alone in the RV environment.

Why Leave No Trace is a Great Movie: At times, this movie is heartbreaking, but it’s also filled with scenes of human kindness and throwaway moments that keep you emotionally engaged to the screen.

Key Takeaways: Don’t force your children to live off-grid with you when they don’t want.

Movie Trailer: Here

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Best Homesteading Movies to Watch


Backcountry is a well-executed nature-survival horror film based on a true story of a man-eating black bear that attacked a couple back in 2005.

The movie begins with Alex, and his girlfriend Jen going out camping. They then meet a park ranger who tells them that their ideal camping spot is closed.

The ranger offered them a map to find another spot which Alex declined, claiming he knew the park well.

The following morning, the two went for a hike and got lost. As Jen looked for the cellphone to call for help, Alex told her that it was in the car. A few days later, a black bear ate Alex alive, leaving Jen fleeing for her life.

Why Backcountry is a Great Movie: This movie is an epic wilderness thriller that will keep your eyes glued to the screen.

Key Takeaways: Always have a map and a phone when going on an unauthorized hike.

Movie Trailer: Here

Best Homesteading Movies to Watch

Goodbye World

Goodbye World is an apocalyptic film that follows a group of friends who find refuge at a countryside cabin in the woods while the world around them is collapsing.

James and Lily lived off-grid in the outskirts of San Francisco, raising their beautiful daughter in an aura of comfort and sustainability.

After a devastating apocalyptic cyber-attack, their home was transformed from a modern sheltered oasis to a fortress for a group of estranged friends.

After some time, Lily admitted to being partially responsible for creating the computer virus that destroyed the countries’ technological infrastructure.

Why Goodbye World is a Great Movie: The hybrid end-of-the-world-thriller won an award for Best Feature at the New Hampshire Film Festival in 2013.

Key Takeaways: This movie teaches you the importance of stockpiling and always being prepared for the tough times. It also teaches you the importance of working together during a crisis.

Movie Trailer: Here

Best Homesteading Movies to Watch

The Grapes of Wrath

The Grapes of Wrath is an American drama that follows an Oklahoma family that moved to California after losing their farm.

During their journey to California, they came across campgrounds that had a lot of starving inhabitants.

They moved from camp to camp, trying to find the perfect one but didn’t. After some time, Tom fled to a new world to join a movement that fought for social justice and reform, which also became his life’s mission.

Why The Grapes of Wrath is a Great Movie: This film is considered one of the best of all time because of its historical, cultural, and aesthetic significance.

Key Takeaways: The movie highlights the fact that you should fight for what you believe.

Movie Trailer: Here

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Best Homesteading Movies to Watch

The Martian

The Martian is a science-fiction film about an astronaut stranded on Mars after his colleagues presumed him dead.

He then had to rely on meager supplies and his intelligence to signal to earth that he was alive.

Watney woke up injured with a low-oxygen warning after a storm on Mars. The first worry was food, so he made a small garden using Martian soil fertilized with bio-waste and water from the leftover rocket fuel.

Watney started to move some equipment on Mars, which NASA noticed while reviewing satellite images. After realizing that he was alive, NASA sent a space probe with food supplies to help him survive while they planned a rescue.

Why The Martian is a great movie: The movie seems unscripted and realistic as it gives off a vibe of watching a documentary rather than a film.

Key Takeaways: Never give up no matter the circumstances.

Movie Trailer: Here

Best Homesteading Movies to Watch

Let us know which movie on this list have you watched and what did you learn from it.

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