The dream is that we will one day have our own home on a large piece of land. On that piece of land, we will grow our own vegetables, have an orchid full of fruit trees, and rear our own animals. For those who begin to make this dream a reality, the house on land and growing our own fruits and vegetables are the first things that we usually take on.

But when it comes to raising and rearing animals, many of us are more than hesitant. What do I know about these animals? What’s the benefit? Why take on all of the extra work!? Adding on more responsibilities in our already task-dense lives seems like a fool’s error.

But lucky us, some animals are not only worth the extra “responsibility,” but they are plain easy to raise.


It’s lunchtime, and you are in need of a fast, fresh meal for yourself and your family. An Omelette will do the trick!

Keeping hens on our land is one of the easiest forms of animal rearing that we can take on. Sure, there’s the task of protecting your clucky ladies from wild predators, but you can see to their protection with a well-made coop. A movable coop is also a great option to ensure that your girls have access to a varied diet. Chickens love eating insects and worms. What’s more, they love your scraps. Handing over your dinner leftovers to these ladies before their bedtime helps keep them well-fed and happy. And, of course, it helps them produce those nutrient-dense eggs!

7 Domestic Animals That Are Too Easy To Raise


Keeping pigs may sound scary, but they are pretty easy animals to raise. In order to successfully raise your pigs, they need very good fencing. Controlling their access to areas is very important because these curious scavengers can do a lot of damage to your land. And the term “smell like a pig” exists for a reason. The adorable animals do tend to smell. The best way o avoid their unpleasant odors is to keep them a distance from your house. Pigs are best for those who have a large piece of land for the pigs to scavenge. Otherwise, these hefty eaters can be costly when it comes to supplying their food.

7 Domestic Animals That Are Too Easy To Raise


Nowadays, most people associate keeping pigeons with raising Carrier Pigeons. In fact, pigeons are useful for more than delivering messages. They’re a great source of meat! They are also very easy to raise. Their feed is inexpensive, and their bedding/nests are made up of organic material such as pine needles, straw, and hay. Although they will reproduce more in winter, if you can keep their enclosure with a minimum temperature of 40 degrees F, you can keep pigeons without the use of artificial heat.

7 Domestic Animals That Are Too Easy To Raise


Raising rabbits is economical and straightforward. You can produce up to 180 pounds of rabbit meat per year with just two does and one buck! One doe can produce four to five litters per year! Most homesteaders start with the New Zealand breed/ This is because this breed of rabbit can grow to be 12 pounds by the tile they are 10 – 12 weeks old.

Rabbits require a rabbit hutch to protect them from predators, protect them in the winter, and provide shade during the summer heat. A well-made hutch is readily attainable through local home and garden stores, and many plans are free to access online. Rabbits are generally sustained with store-bought pellets, though they are big fans of straw and alfalfa. Luckily straw and alfalfa are cheap and easy to grow.

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7 Domestic Animals That Are Too Easy To Raise


Imagine this: It’s Turkey Day, and your fine-looking, perfectly dressed cooked turkey came from your very own backyard! This screams of Homesteader Success! Turkeys are very easy to keep. They provide large quantities of lean, nutrient-dense, and delicious meat. Turkeys produce a dressed weight of close to 75% of body weight. This means that there is less waste and more meat when prepping your bird for the dinner table. Turkeys are generally ready to consume by 20 weeks old. One of the best rules to follow is that if your turkey reaches a point where they are consuming a few pounds of feed per day and is not growing any larger, they are ready for harvest.

7 Domestic Animals That Are Too Easy To Raise


Oh, goats. These lovable animals are not only easy to keep and care for, but they provide countless hours of entertainment. They are curious and awfully funny addition to any family farm or homestead. And, of course, there’s the added benefit of tier nutrient-based milk. Two goats can produce enough milk to feed a family year-round. Add a couple of more, and you can benefit from the various products that you can make with their milk; yogurt, cheese, ice cream, caramels, and even soap! Keeping true to their easy-breezy nature, goats don’t need much in terms of shelter. All they require is a shelter that is clean, draft-free, and well ventilated. As for feed, goats like a bit of everything and are generally very easy to keep fed if you have land for them to graze.

7 Domestic Animals That Are Too Easy To Raise


Farming fish is worth the consideration for those who have a pond or swimming pool. The hardest part of keeping fish is recreating their ecosystem. Once creating their ecosystem is accomplished, the fish are easy as pie to keep up with. They provide an excellent supply of protein, as well as some recreation time. It’s important to keep fish that are compatible with your area, but Carp and Trout are generally safe choices.

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7 Domestic Animals That Are Too Easy To Raise

Animals do not have to be the headache that so many of us tend to think they will be.

Before bringing farm animals into your daily life, it’s essential to consider your location and whether you will be able to give them the space that they deserve to roam and spend their days. It’s also important to consider just what you aim to get out of keeping your animals.

Once these two things have been evaluated, you’re ready to add animals to your land, and any of the seven animals mentioned above can be an easy choice.

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