The kitchen is the heart of the home, it is where all our meals are prepared for our daily sustenance. The homestead life is a wonderful one, but there is no denying the fact that it is also extremely time consuming. With the busy lives, we live in today, it’s tempting to cut corners and introduce some more convenient electrical appliances into the kitchen. The good news is that there are plenty of powerless utensils you can use that work just as well as expensive electrical versions. Here is a comprehensive list of 25 powerless appliances for your homestead kitchen.

  1. Mortar & Pestle: A mortar & pestle makes the perfect crushing appliance for food items such as garlic, ginger, and pepper.
  2. Popcorn Popper: If you are still a kid at heart, you will have great fun with a popcorn popper.
  3. Dutch Oven: When you want to ensure your meal is well-cooked, use a Dutch oven. They are solid pieces of crockery and you can also use them over an open fire.
  4. Salad Spinner: Dry your greens after washing them with a salad spinner, you will find that they last longer, and whatever dressing you apply doesn’t slide off the leaves.
  5. Water Filter: You can ensure the water you fetch is always clean with a water filter.
  6. Apple/Potato Peeler: Whatever you need to peel, do it with one of these.
  7. Egg Beater: Anything that needs whipping can be done in an egg beater.
  8. Pasta Maker: Even though homemade pasta tastes fantastic, it is very tedious to make. A pasta maker makes the process simple and quick.
  9. Butter Churn: If you want the creamy, smooth texture of homemade butter, a butter churn is what you will need.
  10. Rocket Stove: Unless a rocket stove has been built into your home, it is not advised that you use one inside. But they are perfect for cooking outside during the summer.
  11. Stovetop Toaster: We all love a couple of slices of toast for breakfast or an afternoon snack. A stovetop toaster is easy on the pocket and it can be used on all outdoor heating appliances.
  12. Can Opener: Handheld can openers are actually a lot more effective than the electric ones. Additionally, they are an unnecessary waste of electricity when you can achieve the same goal using your hands.
  13. Tea Kettle: Tea kettles are convenient because they are easier to pour out of. Furthermore, you can use them to make hot water for any number of things.
  14. Percolator: You haven’t tasted coffee until you make a cup with a percolator. Our grandparents had the right idea; there’s no need for a filter and you can make coffee on different heating appliances such as a wood stove, a stove top, or if you really need to, an open top fire.
  15. Hand Crank Flour Mill: For all the bread makers, a hand crank flour mill is a must-have appliance. As well as making fresh and tasty flour, they can crush nuts which means you can make your own nut butter.
  16. Manual Food Processor: You will save a lot of time with a manual food processor. It allows you to chop all your ingredients so that they are ready for preserving and canning.
  17. Hand Crank Mixer: A mixer is not a necessity but they definitely come in handy. You can get hand-crank versions of most mixers, or you can make one yourself by turning your electric mixer into a hand crank mixer.
  18. Solar Dehydrator: A solar dehydrator makes an efficient replacement for an electric one. You can prepare all your favorite foods in it such as mushrooms, herbs, jerky, and vegetables.
  19. Solar Oven: You won’t miss not having an electric oven with this solar version because you can cook the same food in it. Also, you can either buy one or make it yourself.
  20. Meat Grinder: A meat grinder is the ideal kitchen utensil if you buy a lot of meat at one time, hunt, or rear your own animals.
  21. Stovetop Waffle Iron: Everyone loves waffles for breakfast, you would think they were impossible to make without electricity, but with a stovetop waffle iron, you can make plenty.
  22. Hand Crank Blender: A hand crank blender will allow you to make things like pesto, smoothies, hummus, and much more.
  23. Timer: Since you are no longer using electrical appliances, a manual timer will come in very handy when cooking certain dishes.
  24. Kitchen Scale: If you’re a homesteader, a kitchen scale is a much-needed appliance. You will need it when making things that need precise measurements. In comparison to a digital scale that needs either batteries or electricity to operate, you will save yourself a lot of money.
  25. Hand Crank Coffee Grinder: And finally, the hand crank coffee grinder. Another way to make delicious tasting coffee is to use a hand crank coffee grinder.

The above appliances are not only going to buy back your time, but they will also keep your energy bills at an all time low. Despite the initial investment required for these utensils, it pays off over the long term.

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