The garden is usually the favorite spot for a family to spend their leisure time. If you have a dog in your home, you can be sure that the garden is their preferred space too.

Planting a garden that is not toxic to pets is important, to make sure you do not trigger allergic reactions and face regular veterinary visits.

On the other hand, it is necessary to make sensible decisions about the layout of the garden, so that it would not be destroyed by a naughty puppy. A few broken pots and some dug up beds maybe part of the process, so you may want to plan your garden so that your precious exotics are safe from your dogs.

The well-being of your dog and the health of the garden can go hand in hand, if we understand plants that are safe and beneficial to them. Creative additions to your garden can help you have the pretty landscape you are aiming for, with a little extra something for your pup. Between floral decorations, herb and vegetable dietary additions, and medicinal plants – you can be sure that your garden can play a role in your dog’s mental and physical well-being.

We have dug up this list for your reference, to help you make your backyard a safe and enjoyable space for your four-legged family members.


A patch of lawn is going to be your dog’s favorite spot in the house. This is a great place for then to catch some sunlight in the daytime. The lawn also is a great space to interact with your dogs– whether it is for playtime or training.

Dogs can entertain themselves in the lawn, rolling in the grass, or chasing the sprinkler system you may have set up. A lawn patch is also a great space to set up intelligent activities for your dog such as obstacle courses, or treasure hunts.

dog friendly plants


Marigolds are bright and cheerful – creating hues of yellow and orange among your other plants. They have a lot of great properties when it comes to gardening – such as attracting pollinators or repelling pests, and they’re safe to have around animals too. Marigolds will help you control the population of ticks and other insects that would otherwise trouble your dog.

dog friendly plants


Dill is a refreshing herb in salads and garnishes, and pairs wonderfully with chicken and seafood. It is easy to grow and can be introduced in your dogs’ diet for some roughage and to freshen their breath!


Hibiscus, especially indigenous varieties, are known for their property for healthy skin and hair. Make a tea out of the flowers and leaves and add to bath water to give your dogs a shining and soft coat. Hibiscus plants can grow into large bushes, you can prune them to the size that suits you – regular pruning encourages more flowers as well.

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dog friendly plants


Thyme is a wonderful companion plant, known to add nutrients into the soil, and repel insects. It is a dog friendly herb and can be included in your dog’s diet and is a wonderful touch to your garden.

dog friendly plants


There are hundreds of varieties of basil, each aromatic and full of properties. Italian basil is excellent for a pesto or to add to your pasta and pizza sauce, while holy basil is medicinal and helps cure coughs and colds. Whichever variety you prefer, your dogs will be safe, and will get a boost of vitamins even with a small addition of basil to their diet!

Green Beans

Green beans are not only safe for dogs but are also good for them. Steam or boil some beans and add it to their diet for some nutritional benefit.

Additionally, green beans are wonderful nitrogen fixers in your garden, and are delicious when eaten tender as soon as they are harvested.

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dog friendly plants


Aloe Vera is a spiny succulent that easily propagates into a hardy patch – it is great to create boundaries between different areas of your garden. Your dog will prefer avoiding the patch, making it easier for you to create divisions in your garden. Additionally, aloe vera is another great addition to a skin care routine, helping with burns and injuries, and acting as a natural conditioner.


Dandelion helps with digestive issues and is a great herb to consider if your dog suffers from indigestion. The stem and leaves of dandelion plant are an excellent source of vitamins. Many dogs like to eat some grass to induce vomiting when they have discomfort in their stomach – dandelion is a great plant to have in the garden which they can access easily.

dog friendly plants


Rosemary is a rich antioxidant and is a hardy plant that grows well particularly in dry climate. In addition to being good for health, rosemary bushes create a subtle and pleasant woody smell, especially when your dog runs through the bushes.


Papaya trees are easy to grow – they grow tall and can easily fit into a corner of your garden creating semi shade for plants around it. Papaya is a great fruit to feed your dogs, and the seeds are known to have deworming properties. Additionally, papaya leaves are an excellent cure for low platelets, making this plant a definite ally if your dog suffers from an infection.


Rose flowers are colorful, pleasant smelling and safe for your dogs, but be wary of the varieties that grow thorns. Some varieties of roses are known to be medicinal and are used in cuisines and skin care routines around the world. Rose water is cooling and works well as a spray to keep your dog smelling fresh and cooling them down on hot days.

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