I’ve been searching for a good seed kit for quite a while now because I’ve always wanted to start my own medicinal garden in my backyard. I’m not getting any younger and I’ve come to realize that my health is not as robust as it used to be, and I’ve noticed I have more and more health issues. Considering this, I wanted to give a try to the potential benefits of old-fashioned natural remedies.

But I don’t have a lot of space in my backyard, so I needed something to fit in quite a small area. So, I decided to cultivate my own remedies in a compact area, no larger than 10 by 3 feet in total.

My Experience So Far

So, I started looking, but unfortunately, most seed kits I came across online were either lacking the plants I wanted or demanded more space than what I had in my backyard. I was on the lookout for something more comprehensive, a kit that would address not only specific conditions like headaches or an upset stomach but also other health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or cholesterol.

My aim was to find a solution that covered a wide range of medicinal needs.

The Solution

This one, was just right and I very much like that is created by an experienced herbalist – Dr. Nicole Apelian.

She also wrote The Forager’s Guide to Wild Foods, a book I’ve told you about here before, which helped me get a lot of the food I’ve now canned and stored in my root cellar – for free! You can find all the guidelines on that here.medicinal garden kit

While it is true that this particular option is slightly pricier in comparison to others, when considering the amount we typically spend on pills, the cost becomes negligible. Whenever I purchase a single medication and pay around $70 or even $80, I rarely hesitate or contemplate the expense.

You can probably relate…and that’s just for treating a single condition!

What I Like About This Seed Kit

Within this kit, you will discover a vast collection of thousands of seeds, carefully curated to cultivate 10 plants that cater to the diverse medical requirements of people like myself, particularly seniors.

These plants help you deal with a wide range of health issues. With it, you can make painkillers, stop bleeding, make a sleep aid, remedies for allergies, rheumatism, anti-inflammatory, prostate and bladder, anti-viral and immunity booster, and even a blood sugar controller for Diabetes.

For me, it was also important that all these seeds come from the US.

This indicates that the plants produced from these seeds will be remarkably well-suited to the soil and climate conditions specific to my own backyard.seeds from the medicinal garden kit

In the past, I made the error of purchasing a widely acclaimed seed kit from Amazon, only to discover that each seed originated from China. Regrettably, the outcome was profoundly disappointing, resulting in stunted growth and some of the plants didn’t even sprout.

Fast Delivery

To my delight, the medicinal kit I ordered arrived in just a few days, a pleasant, but unexpected surprise. Living far from the bustling city, I have grown accustomed to lengthy delivery times for most items.

What first caught my attention was the inclusion of precise planting instructions. I didn’t have to look anywhere else to see what I had to do. Everything was right at my fingertips.

The next remarkable feature that caught my eye was the inclusion of a comprehensive medicinal guide. This guide served as a valuable resource, equipping me with the knowledge to transform these backyard plants into potent remedies.

In essence, with everything provided within the kit, all I had to do was start planting and in a short while, I was about to make my own natural remedies.

My New Medicinal Garden

As the weather was fine outside, I grabbed a shovel, took with me the Medicinal Garden Kit, and headed into the backyard to start planting my own natural pharmacy.

Now, after a few weeks, here’s the outcome:planting the medicinal garden kit

Most of the seeds have already germinated into flourishing medicinal plants, promising relief not only for myself but also for my family. Even lavender has already sprouted. Just as it banishes bugs from your closet, it banishes pests from the garden. It’s also one of the best companion plants out there, helping many others reach their full potential.

Soon enough, I began to harvest my plants.

In the following weeks, using the medicinal guide included in the kit, I started creating my own tinctures and other natural remedies. Surprisingly, the remedies I’ve made so far proved to be quite simple to prepare and I imagine the rest are the same.

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The most remarkable aspect is not merely having an alternative in my medicine cabinet. What truly astounded me was the ability to gradually reduce my reliance on pills without experiencing any negative side effects.

The plants in my medicinal garden are fulfilling their purpose, resulting in increased energy and fewer instances of mental fogginess. It was a noticeable improvement for me.

Furthermore, my wife also started using our newfound medicinal garden to alleviate the persistent joint and hip discomfort she had been experiencing lately.

Overall, I am extremely satisfied with The Medicinal Garden Kit, as it has exceeded my expectations. It provides everything I sought and more.

In the upcoming weeks, with the aid of the medicinal guide enclosed within the kit, I delved into crafting my own tinctures, as well as discovering how easy it really is to make salves and poultices. It has been an enlightening and fulfilling journey so far.

To be honest they are not at all hard to make. But the best part is not that I now have some efficient alternatives in my medicine cabinet.

Final Thoughts

I am really happy with my Medicinal Garden Kit. It really does what I was looking for all this time. I admit there would have been great to have some more plants, but maybe Dr. Apelian is already working on part two. But that would also mean I would need a bigger backyard.

All in all, having these 10 plants right now is perfect for my family. We can make all the remedies we truly need.

You can check out The Medicinal Garden Kit here.

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