Having a fully stocked pantry for everyday life or for emergency situations is not always an easy task, there are often so many different variations of foods and varying opinions on what you should and shouldn’t have.

I understand the great task of stocking your pantry with both nutritious and long-lasting foods is no easy feat, so I have compiled a list of ‘throw this away’ or ‘swap this out’ items.

I understand that the economic situation of today it is not suitable to just throw food away. So for the foods that wouldn’t last in a situation where you want a pantry for emergencies then what I like to do is find recipes including those foods I would like to get rid of and use them up as soon as possible.

This means making space to replace them with a better option that would be more appropriate in SHTF situations all whilst avoiding wasting what you already have.

This also saves money while still advancing your pantry to one you would feel more confident and trusting in, if things were to head south.

Moving older foods and cans to the front so that you are getting the most out of the foods you do have is a highly beneficial and resourceful practice.

I would recommend putting any foods you recently purchase to the back of the pantry so you are accessing the older stuff products first and leaving the newer items at the back.

Unsealed Jars

A lot of foods are still edible after expiration, although they do lose some of their properties. If they are stored correctly and sealed they will be okay.

However, eating canned foods in jars is not safe to eat if not properly sealed and should be thrown away immediately. The best you can do if you notice the jars are not properly sealed ahead of time is repeat the canning process.

if you have this in your pantry throw it away

Herbs And Spices With Added Preservatives

Get rid of them, they don’t last and encourage moisture. Next time, look for ones with the herbs and spices as the only ingredients. Better yet being able to grow herbs yourself is highly advantageous.

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if you have this in your pantry throw it away

Brown Rice

Now this sounds controversial, right? But hear me out. Brown rice is often viewed as the healthy option but brown rice often only keeps for 6 months.

So ditch your brown rice for white rice which has a shelf life of 2 years or more.

if you have this in your pantry throw it away

Metal Cans With Rust Or Leakage

Rust is known as oxidized iron and it is absolutely not safe to eat. Any rust on the inside of the metal can should definitely not be consumed as it is dangerous and harmful. If your food cans are leaking or bulging these should also not be consumed as these have not held their seal.

They can contain clostridium botulinum which is a bacterium that produces dangerous toxins that is extremely lethal to humans.

if you have this in your pantry throw it away

Anything Half Opened And Not Sealed Up

When it comes to your pantry lasting you need to be on top of sealing and containing any left-over or half used foods, particularly pasta as these can attract pantry moths.

You are wanting to have your pantry well stocked and preserved for when and if you need this in an emergency and having these dreaded moths feeding on your food is not ideal. Keep an eye out for them as they don’t enjoy dried foods particularly.

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if you have this in your pantry throw it away

Sugar Filled Commercial Cereal

Not to mention the fact that these will provide you and your family with absolutely no nutritional content they can go off and become moldy rather quickly due to the high sugar content.

Rolled oats are a much better option and they are also multipurpose and can be used in many different recipes.

if you have this in your pantry throw it away


Although we know cornmeal is a great source of zinc and starch this will have to be rotated out with new stuff as the shelf life is only 9 months.

Corn flour lasts longer than cornmeal due to the lower oil content and lower moisture content meaning it can last 2 years or more in correct storage.

if you have this in your pantry throw it away

Having a well-stocked pantry can help you and your family face many situations whether that be financial hardship or general SHTF situations where you should be able to make meals to both energize and please you during tough times.

Not only is a well-stocked pantry of food vital but it is also just as important for your pantry to have a large stock of water too.

There are always threats to our economy and livelihoods but having peace of mind about the fact you have the tools and means to support and supply for you and your family is a real weight off your shoulders.

Of course, there are many important foods to build your stockpile and pantry but this article was a look at what we should take out of our pantry to ensure longevity where we can for both an economical and practical outcome.

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