Expressing how we feel as Americans is in our DNA. We love to tell the world exactly how we feel. Chinese manufacturers afford us the luxury to do so cheaply through bumper stickers, shirts, and signs that they make.

These signs consequently have a far greater effect on our livelihoods than we can ever imagine. You can easily make yourself a target, or in the worst case scenario – responsible for a crime, which I’m sure you don’t want.

Using Deterrents

Deterrents include things like locks, lights, cameras and even certain signs. These are lawful ways of making criminals to think twice about breaking into your home.

The more fortified your home is, the less appealing it is to break into than your neighbors’. Criminals constantly stroll around, looking for loopholes in people’s deterrent systems.

If they find one, they’ll enter your home, and that radical sign you put on your front porch may do you more harm than good.

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This article is meant for informative purposes only. I am not a lawyer. I simply wrote this article to point out various concerns that come with using certain types of signage in your property that can get you in trouble.

We live in turbulent times. Implementing what you’re are going to learn today will go a long way in ensuring your future survival.

Our decisions make us who we are, so we must always be conscious of all the actions we take in life.

Now comes the big question: what are these six signs that you should avoid using in your property?

No Trespassing, Violators Will Be Shot

This is one sign that bolsters the ego of the owner. It literally gives you the power to impart fear into anyone who dare thinks of stepping into your property.

To be frank, the crazy things that happen in our communities cause us to be scared, and when we are scared we tend to go overboard with our actions and pour our fears onto others in the process.

With my basic knowledge of law, I have learned that you can only shoot your gun in self-defense, any other reason, you’ll liable for a crime.

If a perpetrator sees this sign and proceeds with his agenda anyway, they can pretty much do or take whatever they want as long as they don’t endanger your life and you cannot shoot them.

This sign can work against you in the court of law when you actually shoot somebody in self-defense. The perpetrator can simply make a case against you claiming that you’re crazy and have always been dying to shoot someone with your AR – you’ve even gone the lengths of hanging a sign that states your intentions.

avoid these 6 signs on your propertyBeware Of Dog

One innocent-looking sign that can get you into hot soup is the ‘Beware of Dog’ sign.

This sign won’t help you if your dog actually bites someone. Having it may even make matters worse depending on the state you live in.

Key Takeaway: If your dog is in fact vicious, and bites someone, you have given away some form of evidence through your sign, and you can lose the case if it’s taken to court.

avoid these 6 signs on your property

Protected By Electronic Alarm System

Some people go the extent of giving away details about their alarm systems with the signs they put up.

As deterring as this may seem, it’s actually quite counter intuitive to your security efforts.

Burglars these days are armed with sophisticated skills of bypassing these types of systems thanks to the internet.

Putting up a sign telling them of the hurdle ahead of them somehow makes the job much easier for them. They will easily prepare their plan of attack to the tee knowing what to expect when they break in.

A better alternative deterrent method to this one would be plucking up a general monitoring sign to show you are protected.

avoid these 6 signs on your property

Fake Security Signs

Plucking up fake signs on your property may seem like a good idea on the surface, but beware of this deterrent method.

Criminals who have been in the game for long can smell fake from a distance. If they spot it on your property, they instantly know that you have security flaws and they will launch an attack.

Seasoned criminal pros are well versed in natural security intelligence and will strike if they think for a second that you’re exposed.

avoid these 6 signs on your property

Bumper Stickers

Everybody these days seems to have an opinion about everything. These opinions tend to be displayed graphically on bumper stickers and tee shirts.

You may be free of signs in your home but what you display in you bumper can also reveal a lot about you.

What do you think an anti-gun bumper sticker tells the criminal about you? That you are unarmed!

Different kinds of stickers give off different types of messages to the criminal about your parked car.

avoid these 6 signs on your property


Flags where used to give out certain messages in the past – they still do that even today.

Don’t believe me?

Imagine driving down the street and seeing an ISIS flag waving on top of one of your neighbor’s house. How would you feel? Terrified! I know.

Just like the signs we’ve mentioned above, flags can put a bounty on your back. Flying a flag with AR 15 can make your property fall prey of looting incidences for example.

Signs, stickers, and flags don’t give you legal immunity, they only reveal who you really are to the world. Make sure that whatever medium you use to express your feelings is done so with some thought put into it first.

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Your friends may think that it’s cool to blast out preposterous signage, but having read this article, you know not to, because it can backfire.

Simple signs with straightforward language are very effective. Using them wisely can deter perpetrators from sneaking into your property.

Less is more. A sign like “No Trespassing,” simple as it may seem, is very effective. Using it will not only establish your authority, but can also be used against anyone who sees fit not to follow it.

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