When the Fed Coin was rushed to market it became clear that this would be the new currency. It became clear that our government needs us to move away from the old idea of the US dollar and into Fed Coin.

A great way to make that happen would be to bring on an economic collapse. That is exactly what we are witnessing in our country right now.

With the help of inflation, which even Janet Yellen said will last through 2023, we are going to face struggles with food, fuel, and labor in 2023.

The economic collapse will be severe, and I want you to be prepared for it. Do these 8 things before the 2023 economic collapse.

Establish Your Local Supply Chain

We have been working through struggling supply chains for the last 2 years. As the economic collapse approaches these issues are only going to get worse.

Major corporations all over are cutting massive amounts of jobs in preparation for just this kind of event. They see the writing on the wall.

Rather than wait on the supply chain to recover, or not, it is time for you to establish your own local supply chain. Start with farmers and food.

Create A Collapse-Proof Wealth Matrix

Lately, I have been wondering if it will always be about diversification. In a disaster, it’s nice to have cash, even though it’s frowned upon in many establishments these days. In a true economic collapse, I think that a variety of wealth is going to prepare you the most.

Your collapse-proof wealth matrix should include things like cash, precious metals, bonds, and other transferable assets like land, or even gems and precious stones.

Barter items will be key in an economic collapse, too. Vices like coffee, tobacco, and alcohol will go a long way.

Bug In Preps

Think of all the things we have experienced in the last 2 years. From lockdowns, and occupied portions of cities, to massive civil unrest.

I know a lot of preppers and I don’t know anyone that executed a true bugout. So, for most of us, the economic collapse of 2023 is going to be another bug in the situation.

Hopefully, you have made improvements in your preps to be even better prepared for an extended bug-in situation.

Your greatest concerns in this 2023 economic collapse are going to be access to things like food and fuel. You will also have to consider security if things get bad enough.

Know Thine Enemy

Where are the bad guys in your world? Do you know who is going to come out of the woodwork when things get bad? Now is the time to learn about the local gangs in your area. It is a time to watch the crime statistics and learn about the flow of things like drugs.

Conduct an area study to better understand all the influences in your neighborhood.

Economic desperation will create new community leaders. They might not all be good people. So, it will do you much better to learn about them now rather then when they show up on your front door with an offer or a threat.

On-Grid/Off-Grid Balance

In Colorado, this year, thermostats were locked during the summer. Smart thermostats of course. They were locked because the government of Colorado had decided that due to the power constraints, the people would only be able to cool down their houses as much as the state desired.

This is the future and one of the only ways you can avoid that future is if you start to develop an on-grid/off-grid balance.

In 2023 you should begin building off-grid infrastructure to support you and your family when the lights go out or when the government decides you have used too much power.

Things like outdoor kitchens, grey water sinks, smokers, solar showers, greenhouses, root cellars, and the like will all help you start to create that kind of balance we will all need to survive 2023.

Learn To Cook

The fact that we eat three times a day and most people do not know how to cook is just mind-blowing to me.

Not only is it a wonderful thing to prepare the types of foods you want to eat when you want to eat them, but it is also so much more affordable than eating out.

There are whole cookbooks on depression-era recipes that are designed to stretch limited amounts of protein, and create stuffings to make meals more filling with fewer ingredients and much less cost.

If hard times are coming then you need at least one person in your home who knows how to cook using less expensive cuts of meat, offal, and how to stretch every meal.

Build A Neighborhood With Allies

This should be everyone’s goal in 2023. We all could use more of each other. It would help heal our nation but moreover, it will give us the ability to help each other in tough times. Everyone has skills that you may need.

Also, if you are dealing with bad guys, then having lots of people will make things much easier for you. The quantity has a quality all its own. You do not need a busload of spec ops soldiers on your block.

Start building your neighborhood back by having events, and gatherings, and even starting a small community garden. This will engage people and before long it will make other connections.

2020 set us all back and forced us all into a little more isolation but it’s time to get back to being communal again. The very worst thing you can endure in an economic collapse is serious isolation.

Learn The Resources Of The Natural World

In the prepping world, there is bushcrafting and there is foraging. These take you closer to the natural world and allow you to practice some survival skills along the way. However, in an economic collapse, you are going to need an even more intimate understanding of the natural world.

You see, man-made resources are going to be limited. Right now, we get most of what we need from a company. In an economic collapse it will be the natural world that suddenly has a lot of resources for those who can recognize them.

Now, is the time to develop a strong relationship with the trees, plants, animals, fish, and all they can offer you from medicine to building materials.

The year 2023 will be one that we never forget. In fact, it is starting to look like we are now in one of those historical decades. From 2020 to 2030 could be some of the wildest times we have ever seen on the planet.

At the very least you should try to accomplish these things before the full onset of the economic collapse of 2023.

This article first appeared on Ask A Prepper.

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