Many of the telltale signs of an economic collapse are already on the board. In fact, the signs and causes of an economic collapse are almost all at play in this moment.

We have causes like:

  • War
  • Hyperinflation
  • Stock Market Crash

Beyond the causes on the board, we also have the signs which are like blinking neon in the face of the average American. Here are the signs:

  • Debt Crisis
  • Currency Crisis
  • Rising Interest Rates

Will the bottom fall out of this thing? Will a true economic collapse take hold of our world?

No one can really be certain, but you can be certain of the 10 things you should do on the day of the economic collapse.

At the very least you can create a plan.

1. Don’t Panic

The most dangerous thing anyone can do at the beginning of an economic collapse is to panic. When you panic you have trouble making good decisions, you exhaust yourself and you struggle with self-doubt.

When you realize that the worst case scenario has occurred the best thing for you to do is take a few minutes and allow your brain to process that fact that you are now going to have to survive the next great depression. In this case, “a few minutes” can be actually “a few hours” if you were prepared, or “a few days” if you start from scratch with your planning. It is not going to be easy, but you have a plan. You do have a plan, right?

2. Increase Your Security Posture

In 2020, we expected chaos and we increased our security posture. Being proactive here is one of the best things you can do.

This could be how you protect your home, what you carry on your person or even how the nature of security is governed in your community or neighborhood.

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10 Things To Do On The Day The Economy Collapses

3. Bug Out, maybe?

If you have a place to go and that place is prepared to take you and yours in for a long time, then a bug out might be one of the things you do on the day of an economic collapse. If you are in an urban area that is surrounded by millions of people and you know their needs will not be met, then it is a good bet that you are going to need to bug out.

4. Notify Your People

I don’t know who ‘your people’ are but you have people.

These might be your family, tribe, crew, neighbors, friends and so on. When you realize that the economic collapse has begun then you need to notify your people and let them know what the next phase is here, if they don’t already know.

Life is going to change rapidly and there are going to be plans that need to be enacted.

5. Buy What You Can

While the lead up to a collapse will be ugly for retail, there might still be things on the shelf. If your cash is going to be worthless in days or hours, then you should try and buy as much of what you can before people realize what is happening and before all of it is gone!

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10 Things To Do On The Day The Economy Collapses

6. Gather Intel as Long as Possible

Understanding how an economic collapse is evolving will be of the utmost importance. It is so critical that you have some sources of information and intelligence that feed you the situation report.

  • What is happening to your town or city?
  • Is there law and order? Are you safe homesteading?
  • Who is in control?
  • When are supplies coming in?

A network of intelligence from HAM radio or just simple phone communications can help you develop that picture. This direct line to intelligence will also help you with deciding on your next move.

10 Things To Do On The Day The Economy Collapses

7. Plant Anything and Everything You Can

In the 20th century starvation killed 10’s of millions of people. Communists used it as a weapon of their culture wars, and it devastated the people of Russia, China, and North Korea.

There is a good chance that you will have a garden growing but you need to rapidly expand food production to its limits. If you have grow lights for sprouting seeds then you should be growing food indoors, too!

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8. Be Prepared to Move

This is a topic that a lot of rural homesteaders and preppers do not like to discuss but in the great depression, lots of rural families had to move to the cities because resources were so scarce.

There was massive migration. If the hearty people of those days had to move to survive, you better believe that modern families will go where the food, resources, and conveniences are.

10 Things To Do On The Day The Economy Collapses

9. Start a Collapse Routine

There is a good chance that the economic collapse will affect your daily routine. The quicker you can establish a new routine the more effective you will be.

You can have a polished daily routine that allows you to handle the important things each day. This can be done and tweaked while the rest of the world is dealing with the reality of what has happened.

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10. Look for Help

Last but certainly not least you need to find out who can help you.

While it might feel good to assume you are prepared for everything and able to weather any storm, you should never be too proud for help. There might be organizations or people around you that can help if you get in trouble. Knowing who you can trust and who you can depend on for help is critical.

All the signs are flashing. We are headed towards some kind of economic reckoning. If you take advantage of these 10 things, then you will be way ahead of the pack.

There are tons of preparations that you can make now, during the leadup. However, when the moment comes and you cannot get money out of the ATM or the deliveries of food stop coming to shopping markets, you need act.

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