Medication is a drag, but the containers that your pills come in don’t have to go and add more plastic to the local landfill. Nope, we have a bunch of different ideas on how to reuse, renew, and recycle your pill bottles. Let’s dive right in!

Seed StorageWhy You Should Never Throw Away Your Pill Bottles

No matter how large or small, pill containers make an outstanding way to keep your seeds cool, clean, and under control.

Though I realize that many of us vacuum seal our seeds, many types of seeds really need air all around them to be at their best through the cooler weather and throughout storage. Perhaps you’re holding back seeds for a year just because you want to rotate in a crop that will benefit your soil, or perhaps you have a plant that is extremely prolific. I know that my broccoli was very seedy this year.

Medication containers are a wonderful resource to store seeds, pods, and some small bulbs, too. Plus, to aerate, just open the lid and let them have a breather. Easy peasy.

Tiny First Aid Kit or Sewing Kit

For those on the go, it’s nice to have a bandaid, a couple of alcohol wipes, and maybe some antibiotic ointment on-call just in case you happen to get into trouble. Goodness knows I do. And when you’re getting that wound you’ll need to bandage, and you may need a sewing kit to repair your clothing, too.

We recommend using a pill bottle for just this task. Go ahead and find a pack full of quick-repair aid kit essentials. Whether you’re using it as a sewing kit, a glasses repair kit, a you repair kit, or something else that you need fast and on the go, these pill bottles are made to be transported and pretty sturdy. Just try not to run over them with your truck or you’ll need a repair kit that functions for repairing kits.

Sneaky Cash HolderWhy You Should Never Throw Away Your Pill Bottles

If you’re traveling to a questionable area or if you simply don’t want to carry around a wallet, you may consider using a prescription pill bottle to hide your cash instead.

I realize we live in a world where cash is becoming a less common commodity. In fact, I just used it for the first time in a month for a Western Union transfer the other day. While some people may see it more often than others, we’re certainly moving away from cash as a society and I think that’s a good thing.

However, now and then you’ll find yourself stuck with these musty old bills. There’s no way to replace them if you lose them and no way to prove they’re yours if someone snatches them from you. What to do? Place a small curl of dark paper around the inside of your pill bottle and then go ahead and put your folded money in there. While thieves may steal a wallet, few will look twice at a pill bottle (unless it’s something that they can sell for a profit; try not to use bottles like that!).

Travel Medication Container

Nobody wants to take a dozen medication bottles with them. If your medication is varied and different enough, you may be able to put it all in one bottle for the duration of your trip.

Let’s say that you take a blue, square pill, a beige pill of similar size and shape, and so on and so forth. So long as you won’t get your medication confused, feel free to toss the pill planner for the weekend. You can just put your medication all in one bottle and make sure you get your correct dosage by tapping one (or however many you’re supposed to take) of each into the lid of the container. This makes packing a snap.

Veterinary Goop Mixer

When you own a homestead with animals, you will inevitably have animals that get ill. That’s just part of life on the farm; someone is going to get sick and you’re going to be given a medication you have to treat them with.

That’s where your prescription bottles come in.

Speaking to you, directly, I cannot begin to count on all my fingers and toes the amount of times that I’ve been given a paste, a goop, a liquid and powder, or something like that, then told to mix it together and get it into the sick animal. How? They never tell you that. They just tell you to do it.

While pill bottles with a residue are not useful (ie: Vetprofen tends to be dusty and leave a pretty substantial residue), clean ones offer a perfect place to mix up whatever gunk the vet has told you to treat your animal with.

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My suggestion? Take that messy item, plonk it in your pill bottle, and don’t even try to stir it up. A coffee stirrer will usually work, but it’s almost always going to slosh. Fun fact: prescription pill bottles are almost always either waterproof or very close to it. Do you know where I’m going with this?

Shake that nasty mess together to create a life-saving prescription for your pet. Snap your lid on and shake it like it’s a butter churn. You’ll get a better mix, everything will remain in the bottle, and you won’t get it all over you. Better yet, your animal should get the dosage they need much easier because the wide mouth of the prescription bottle makes shoving a syringe in there a lot easier.

The caveat to this is that we don’t recommend you do this if the vet tells you not to. So check with your vet first.

What else have you used prescription pill bottles for rather than throwing them away? We have so many ideas that we couldn’t contain them all in this article. What about you? We’d love to hear what you have to say. Leave us a comment down below and remember, if you can reuse something, there’s no reason to throw it away!

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