When I first started homesteading, I thought of it as a fun hobby that could be approached however I wanted.

But as I embarked on the journey, I realized owning a homestead is much more than a casual pastime. It requires passion, dedication, and, most importantly, the knowledge of what to do and what not to do on your property.

Being a homesteader myself, I understand how challenging it can be to refrain from certain activities for the betterment of your farmstead. While building the yard you’ve dreamed of can be fun, you also need to consider some potential risks.

In this article, I will share my valuable experience and insights on what you should stop doing on your property to protect it. So, without further ado, let’s delve into the findings.

Pay Attention To The Activities You Choose

Even though growing crops and raising livestock can be exciting, it is important to consider certain factors that may negatively affect your homestead.

For example, sometimes a crop might require you to take rigorous care of it but not give fruits. Other times the livestock you hoard might be extremely difficult to raise.

Now, you must be thinking about how all of these issues are going to harm your homestead. Let me explain this in simpler terms. When you don’t consider what is right and wrong for your homestead, you will disturb its overall sustainability and productivity. As a result, your peaceful den might not be a safe place to relax or raise your favorite livestock and crops anymore.

To sum it up, the only solution is to stop doing things that will harm your yard and won’t benefit you in the long run.

In the next section, I have compiled a list of the things you need to stop doing on your homestead right away.

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stop doing this to your property

Things To Stop Doing Right Now

As a long-time homesteader, I have gained enough knowledge on how certain things can negatively impact a personal farm. Some of these include:

Having An Inconsistent Number Of Hens And Roosters

When I started homesteading, I wasn’t aware of the importance of having a balanced ratio of hens to roosters. Due to this imbalance, I experienced problems like reduced production of eggs, unhealthy chickens, and unbearable noise disturbance.

Factually, uneven flock management can have a significant impact on the fertility of hens and roosters.

For example, the fertility rate would decrease if the amount of hens outnumbers the roosters. On the other hand, having roosters in excess can result in competition, eventually declining their production of eggs.

To avoid these issues, it is a good idea to maintain a balanced flock by adjusting the number of hens and roosters as necessary.

stop doing this to your property

Avoid Stockpiling Too Much Food

One common mistake we all tend to make is stockpiling food for the livestock on our homestead. I am not saying that you must not store any kind of food; instead, I advise you not to pile them up unnecessarily. Just keep an adequate amount that you know is enough to sustain your cattle.

The biggest issue with storing food in huge amounts is its susceptibility to pests and rodents. To prevent attacks from these creatures, you can also try storing food in sustainable containers.

stop doing this to your property

Unnecessary Clutter In The Yard

We all know one area of our homestead that receives all the planks and tree trunks. Guess what? This area is also a favorite spot among many rodents, including mice.

Rodents are fond of hiding into cluttered places as it allows them to avoid getting caught by humans. Therefore, if you have noticed mice gunk all over your yard, it is time to declutter this long-awaited corner on your farmstead.

For this purpose, start by getting rid of unnecessary logs and planks. However, if you think you will need that wood in the future, make sure to organize them neatly.

stop doing this to your property

Buying Animals Because They Look Cute

Being an impulsive hoarder of cute livestock, I understand your desire to get every other tiny animal for your farmstead. But fellows, this must be only done if you are up for taking responsibility for these little beings.

It is natural for human beings to get attracted to adorable animals. However, when bringing them for your homestead, remember to gather facts and figures, like available space, climate, and resources.

For example, rabbits might seem cute for your homestead but are challenging to have in your yard. Often rabbits can become invasive and will destroy every other crop by overgrazing them. Due to this, you need to have specialized fences while having them on board at your farmstead.

stop doing this to your property

Overcrowding Livestock And Crops

The overcrowding of livestock and crops is another mistake many homesteaders might commit. And the temptation of getting more rewards in return is to be blamed for this act. However, while doing so, you may forget how this overcrowding can affect the livestock as well as existing crops on your farmstead.

Livestock remains to be the most affected entity by this overcrowding scenario. When raised in such an environment, sheep and cattle can become stressed due to increased competition for resources. As a result, the quality of resources produced by the livestock will suffer adversely.

Similarly, overcrowding crops can harm plant growth and development as they compete for sunlight, water, and nutrients. This will result in a significant reduction of yields and an increased susceptibility to pests and diseases.

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stop doing this to your property

Neglecting Safety Measures

At first, I had no fences around the livestock area on my farmstead. However, when a bear from the wild came to hunt my cattle one day, I realized the importance of safety measures. No matter how big or small your homestead is, ensure it is fenced.

To install fences on your farmstead, you can use wooden planks stored in your yard. Or you can purchase ready-made fences from the store and place them around your homestead.

Another significant safety measure that needs to be implemented is using machinery with proper guidelines. Double-check the area if it is clear of animals and humans before using the equipment. Consequently, machines can be highly unpredictable, and to avoid any mishap, they must be operated carefully.

stop doing this to your property

Overlooking Sustainability

Let’s be honest: how often do we leave the tap open for a long time just to water the crops? Many times, right? Even though we can conserve water by turning the tap on when required, we still avoid doing so.

Overlooking sustainability can lead to excessive resource usage, wasteful practices, and unnecessary expenses. As an avid homesteader, your first priority must be to avoid any sort of unsustainable practices. Start conserving water wherever you can attempt, as this will help you reduce your ecological footprint and cut off on excessive bills.

Likewise, another sustainable practice is to start composting. Compositing is the backbone of maintaining a healthy, sustainable cycle in your yard. To benefit from this practice, you can have help from the leftover food or other waste from the bin in your yard.

stop doing this to your property

Hopefully, I have provided enough information on what to stop and what to start doing on your homestead.

Like any other job, homesteading requires you to look into every aspect carefully. From providing a suitable space for livestock to conserving water and other resources, every point is necessary for a great homesteading experience.

Best of luck!

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