Even before setting up my homestead, I was always afraid of critters. After all, it’s natural to be cautious because these creatures can actually destroy your precious fruits in no time.

However, my fear was triggered when some serious critters invaded my pantry. To this day, I remember the havoc these tiny monsters brought to my pantry. Those pesky creatures crawling through the bags of cereals were a nightmare I had witnessed while being wide awake.

If you have been suffering from something similar, there is nothing to worry about anymore! After many trials and errors, I have compiled a list of some truly ingenious tricks to keep those pests out of your pantry once and for all.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Put Essential Oils to Use

Essential oils have powerful properties that can affect critters in various ways, and I discovered this when I accidentally spilled lavender oil in my pantry. A quick remedy is to prepare a spray using water and a few drops of essential oil.

Have this mixture sprayed over the counter shelves or around the edges to create a stinging critter barrier. You can also put essential oils like tea tree, peppermint, or eucalyptus to use for this purpose.

Ingenious Ways To Keep The Critters Out Of Your Pantry

Have Cinnamon Sticks to the Rescue

I have been a huge fan of cinnamon for homemade remedies. However, one least-known fact about this spice is that it can save your pantry from pesky critters. You don’t have to do much, just place whole cinnamon sticks in various corners of your pantry, and that’s it!

If you have powdered cinnamon, you can also sprinkle that inside drawers and cabinets. Make sure to have it scattered evenly so it remains effective.

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Ingenious Ways To Keep The Critters Out Of Your Pantry

Install Magnetic Door Strips

The decision to install magnetic doors in my lounge turned out to be the best investment I’ve ever made. Encouraged by their effectiveness, I extended the same solution to my pantry. Although I chose magnetic door strips to keep costs down, the results were awesome.

With these strips in place, you can rest assured that insects will never sneak into your pantry again. Magnetic door strips will close over the cabinets or doors without leaving any gaps.

Ingenious Ways To Keep The Critters Out Of Your Pantry

Replace Usual Containers With Airtight Storage

I always advised my friends and family never to rely on those unreliable plastic containers for storing eatables in their pantry. Instead, get some airtight containers which are helpful in keeping the food fresh and are effective in keeping all kinds of critters at bay.

You can easily find such glass, plastic, and metal containers. No matter which form you choose, ensure the lid is secure.

Ingenious Ways To Keep The Critters Out Of Your Pantry

Ensure Regular Cleaning Schedules

Regularly clean your pantry to remove any crumbs or spills that might attract pests. Use a vacuum with a hose attachment to reach into corners and crevices. Look out for crumbs or leftovers hiding under the shelves or cabinets.

Also, if you have a trash bin in your pantry, consider clearing it out on a daily basis. To be extra cautious, you can also spray a critter-repellent spray afterward to stay on the safer side.

Ingenious Ways To Keep The Critters Out Of Your Pantry

Use Apple Cider Vinegar and Dish Soap Solution

Tired of flies and other flying insects taking over your pantry? If yes, immediately prepare a solution of apple cider vinegar and dish soap solution in a saucer. Have this saucer placed at various corners of your pantry, and say hello to a tidy and fresh-smelling pantry!

This mixture can also be placed near fruit plates in your pantry to woo away fruit flies. Make sure to replace this mixture daily to keep the pantry tidy.

Ingenious Ways To Keep The Critters Out Of Your Pantry

Get Rid of Expired Eatables

One common mistake we all have been making is forgetting eatables once we have them in our pantry. This habit can lead to some serious trouble when these food items past their expiry date. It becomes an open invitation for stubborn critters to throw a party in your pantry.

An easy way to remember the expiry dates is to make a note of the eatables in your pantry with its expiry date. Have this note pasted on the refrigerator or somewhere you can easily bait an eye. This will help you track the eatables that are fit for use.

Ingenious Ways To Keep The Critters Out Of Your Pantry

Double Check for Unnecessary Openings

Don’t let those pesky critters find their way into your pantry through unnecessary openings. Check for gaps or holes in the walls or doors and seal them with caulk or weatherstripping. Also, inspect the windows and screens to make sure they are in good condition and keep any cracks or openings covered.

I used cement to close those unnecessary openings; it was the most reliable option ever. You can also use cardboard or hardboard pieces to shut off the openings as a cost-effective option.

Ingenious Ways To Keep The Critters Out Of Your Pantry

Rotating the Stock Is the Key

Working at a store’s pantry opened my eyes to a clever method they used to avoid wasting any eatables. Their secret? Stock rotation! As soon as new products arrived, they would hoard them over the older ones and make sure to place the newly purchased eatables at the back of the shelf while the older ones stayed in the front.

Now, you, too, can utilize this smart technique at home. When you buy a new edible item, simply place it at the back of the shelf, ensuring that the older items remain in the front. By doing this, you’ll always use the older items first, reducing the chances of any food going to waste.

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Ingenious Ways To Keep The Critters Out Of Your Pantry

Research Sonic Deterrents

You know, it’s fascinating how technology has advanced to help us deal with those pesky critters invading our pantries. I stumbled upon some innovative sonic deterrent devices designed to emit sounds at varying frequencies, keeping pests at bay.

These devices work on a simple principle: critters like us have sensitive hearing. But the clever engineers behind these deterrents have devised a smart way to exploit this fact. They emit sounds within the hearing range of pests but constantly change the frequencies, making it incredibly uncomfortable and disorienting for them.

Ingenious Ways To Keep The Critters Out Of Your Pantry

Dealing with critters in your pantry can be a real challenge once they’ve settled in.

But don’t worry! With the right tips, tricks, and preventive measures, keeping your pantry bug-free is definitely achievable. Just follow each above-mentioned method carefully, and you’ll be amazed by the effective results you’ll achieve.

So, take action now and reclaim your pantry from those unwanted guests! Best of luck.

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