Most people would probably name the great depression of the 1930s as the largest example of a worldwide economic crisis in US history. But did you know that there have been over 48 total recessions in United States history?

As we all know, history tends to repeat itself. With these numbers on display, it’s not a question of “if” but “when” the next major worldwide economic crisis will happen.

If the next big economic collapse is anything like the great depression, international trade will fall, unemployment will rise, food and work will become scarce, and most folks today won’t know what hit them.

What’s more, some of these things have already started happening.

Knowing this, it is in the best interest of homesteaders like us to do what we can to prepare for it – including stocking up on essential household items before the next great depression.

If we look to the past for what our great-grandparents did to survive such harsh times, we can learn from their example and stand better prepared.

Since the recurrence of a great depression that could impact the entire world is almost certainly on the horizon, there are a few household items you would be wise to stock up on before the next major economic crisis hits.

Bleach10 Household Items You Need To Stock Up On Before The Upcoming Great Depression

In a worldwide SHTF crisis, it is said that dehydration will be the first major killer. Next to dehydration, infection is the second most dangerous threat. This is why if you don’t already have a few gallons of this stuff under a sink or in your bugout bag, you should start to stock up now.

Bleach has a wide range of uses in survival situations and would be a great item to have in your homesteader stockpile or bug-out bag. It can help disinfect surfaces to prevent the spread of disease and infection, repel some types of pests, and more.

Plus, when using bleach, a little goes a long way. So if you’re reasonably stocked up on bleach you typically don’t need to worry about running out for at least several months per bottle.

Needles and Thread

Finding quality fabric and buying clothes made to last has become more difficult and more expensive throughout the years. During an upcoming depression, though, it would be a smart move to invest in a few clothing items made of long-lasting materials such as leather, canvas, or other strong and durable fabric types.

Clothes that will last a long time are important, however, knowing how to fix rips and holes in the clothes you already own is even better.

Knowing how to repair clothing will make the clothes you have last much longer. Plus, knowing how to sew well will be a marketable skill if trade and barter become the norm post-depression.

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In certain crisis scenarios where access to medical care is limited, having antibiotics available could potentially save lives by treating serious bacterial infections that would otherwise lead to complications or death.

Since antibiotics are typically not available over the counter, here is an ingenious way to stockpile antibiotics without a prescription, before it’s too late.

Jars and Other Reusable Food Storage Containers10 Household Items You Need To Stock Up On Before The Upcoming Great Depression

When SHTF, public services like trash, electricity, sewage, and water might not be so reliable anymore. If this happens, you can expect trash to become a very serious problem.

In order to prevent your own trash build-up, keeping glass jars or other types of durable containers around will help you keep your space cleaner and consequently cut down on pests and germs.

Additionally, glass containers can be used to germinate seeds, ferment food, catch yeast, clean water, store food, and more.


In the thick of the great depression, people had to learn to stretch meals very far if they wanted to keep their families from going hungry.

During this time, the government would give food handouts or “ration coupons” to the unemployed. A typical handout consisted of things like beans, potatoes, powdered milk, and sometimes even a five-pound bag of sugar or flour. Depending on your family size and what you know how to cook, this might not stretch as far as you’d think…

However, if you have seeds, soil, a little patience, some forethought, and a lot of determination, you can grow enough food and medicinal herbs for yourself and your family.

When medical care won’t be available, having medicinal herbs on hand could make a world of difference. Here’s a medicinal garden kit that has the 10 medicinal plants you need to have in your backyard in a crisis.

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Gloves10 Household Items You Need To Stock Up On Before The Upcoming Great Depression

Leather gloves, gardening gloves, latex gloves, rubber gloves, kitchen gloves, cold weather gloves.

Whatever gloves you can get your hands on, you will most definitely want a variety of gloves in your stockpile in the event of an economic crisis like the Great Depression.

It’s prudent and practical to have – at the very least – two pairs of each type of glove. This is so you can use one as your everyday pair and the other as a backup when your main gloves become damaged.

Baking Soda

Super versatile and shelf-stable, baking soda is cheap and pretty much always stocked in stores. However, just because it’s inexpensive now doesn’t mean it will stay that way. When people start to realize just how valuable this stuff is, there’s a good chance you will have trouble finding it at all – at least not at a fair price.

You can use baking soda for a myriad of cooking, cleaning, and hygienic purposes.

There are so many great things baking soda can do and it is a pleasure to have in any homesteader stockpile.

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Candles10 Household Items You Need To Stock Up On Before The Upcoming Great Depression

If an economic emergency like the great depression happened today, it’s easy to imagine what that could mean for public services like electricity. Blackouts and service disruptions could make your light and power sources unpredictable, to say the least.

Most people already have some kind of preparation in place for blackouts due to things they’ve experienced in the past like bad weather or service interruptions. However, to really prepare for a long-term crisis, you’ll want to stock up on a lot more than what most people tend to have on hand.

While the light of a candle won’t illuminate a room as well as a lightbulb, it will still provide you with enough light to work with when the sun goes down.

Trash Bags

Trash bags are usually one of the more overlooked household items that can be used in so many different survival situations. They can be used for water collection, flood prevention, waste management, food storage, and more.

A trash bag and some duct tape can be made into temporary footwear or clothing and can even help you build a temporary shelter if you find yourself in a tight spot.

Duct Tape10 Household Items You Need To Stock Up On Before The Upcoming Great Depression

Duct tape makes repairs to everyday items much easier.

It’s easy to use, it’s inexpensive, and it’s great for fixing leaks and holes, marking trails, repairing glasses, mending shoes, and so much more. There are an infinite amount of things you can do with a roll of duct tape.


While books and other forms of entertainment aren’t normally considered survival items, it’s surprising what a creature’s comfort can be for a tired mind in hard times.

During the great depression, luxuries were few and far between. It’s no wonder why people treasured the time they could afford to enjoy entertainment with family.

Books and radio provided them with a way to escape the hard times they were facing– if only for a short while.

Although you don’t need books to survive, it’s good to have an outlet. This is especially true when you’ve suffered heavy blows to your finances, home, family life, and your pantry. When times seem bleak, you will be happy to have a good book or two around.

While there are many other household items that would be smart to have in your bug-out bag, these are the items that are at the top of my list.

Which household items would you stock up on before the next economic crisis like the Great Depression hits?

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