Seeds play a major role in growing fruit trees for human and animal consumption. This has been so from time immemorial. The happiness you get from watching a seed germinate and grow into a large tree, giving you luscious fruit is such a satisfying emotion that you cannot hold back.

With most places being overpopulated and urbanized dwarf varieties of fruit trees are available, with genetically modified fruits that are sold in supermarkets that come sometimes with no seeds.

Convenient and even ornamental as it may be, still it is the seeds that you germinate and plant is what will give you Heirloom fruit trees.

Fruits are an essential part of our diets. Adding a serving of fruit can do wonders for the health. Fruits have healthy sugars which is fructose making it an ideal choice for those suffering from high blood sugar levels.

There are a number of fruit seeds that are extremely easy to germinate and do not take long to grow into large trees and produce fruit in abundance.

The easiest fruit to grow from seeds are:

  1. Papaya
  2. Grapes
  3. Strawberry
  4. Dragon fruit
  5. Passion fruit
  6. Raspberries

Growing Papaya From Seeds

These are just a few among the many different species that are available, some in abundance and some seasonal.

Among these Papaya happens to be the most easiest to grow as it germinates practically as soon as it hits the soil. The seeds of the papaya are somewhat similar to pepper corns.

If you want a uniform growth of trees then ideally you need to dig holes leaving space of about a foot or so and bury one or multiple seeds in each hole. Cover with soil and forget about it. In a record time of about 2-3 months you will be able to have your own papaya cultivation.

Remember papaya trees can grow to abnormal heights so no harm done in trimming them. It sprouts leaves even when it is cut.

sprout seeds for fruit trees

Growing Grapes From Seeds

Grape seeds should be removed from the fruit and tested for good seeds and dud seeds. This is done by putting the seeds into a glass of water.

If seeds float then it will never germinate. Take the ones that sink to the bottom then put them on a paper towel lightly misted and keep in the refrigerator for a few days. Transfer them into individual small pots with potting soil once removed from the refrigerator.

Within about five days you will find two leaves appearing once the seed has germinated. Plant them individually making a frame out of cement or wood as the grape vine tends to grow fast and needs support.

sprout seeds for fruit trees

Growing Strawberries From Seeds

Who doesn’t like Strawberries covered in chocolate? Growing strawberries from seed can be done by soaking them overnight. Transfer into potting soil and cover lightly.

Strawberries come in varieties and they take up very little space so can be also used as ornamental fruits if grown in a hanging pot. Strawberry seeds usually germinate within a period of 5-21 days.

sprout seeds for fruit trees

Growing Dragon Fruit From Seeds

Dragon fruit is a luscious fruit that comes in two colors, white and purple. The process for germinating Dragon fruit is pretty much easy as the wet seeds usually germinate in a few days.

The dried seeds would take longer to germinate so if you require a quick process then it is best to go with the wet seeds. Since dragon fruit is soft centered you need to scoop it and then using potting soil, leave it in an area that has adequate light.

Keep the soil moist either by misting or covering with plastic wrap so moisture is trapped. Within around 10-15 days you will find the little plants appearing.

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sprout seeds for fruit trees

Growing Passion Fruit From Seeds

Passion Fruit is a luscious fruit that can be made into a refreshing drink or scooped and used as a topping with ice-cream custard and a host of other delicacies. Its tangy sweet and sour taste is heavenly.

Usually growing in the tropical countries it is one of the easiest seeds to germinate, but it can also be done in the US, California. Bury the seeds wet or dry them and then put it in potting soil.

In around 10 to 21 days you will find the Passion Fruit vine growing. It needs support as it grows into a huge bush covering every inch of space, so training it or trimming would be a good thing unless you have space. The Passion fruit flower gets its name from the Passion of Jesus Christ as the flower has a center that looks similar to the 12 disciples and Christ seated at a table.

sprout seeds for fruit trees

Growing Raspberries From Seeds

Raspberries are brambles, and they can run all over the place unless you train it to grow in the direction you want. Raspberries come in two varieties Summer and Fall bearing of fruit.

You need to select what suits you best. Once germinated they will fill up an entire space and they do well in winter and in spring when the climate is cooler. If space is a problem then growing them in containers will also have the same bearing of fruit.

Germination of seeds should be carried out indoors preferably where the temperature is cool. Planting them in a pot would be ideal with lose soil and misting occasionally till the seeds start germinating. If you need to accelerate the growth then ideally these can be germinated on a paper towel which usually takes around 10 days for the germinating process.

sprout seeds for fruit trees

Check with your healthcare provider before you do consume any fruit if you suffer from health problems.

Growing fruits from seeds can be a fulfilling experience and you can be sure that you are eating organically grown fruit.

With food being genetically modified it is much better to have patience and grow your own fruits from seeds. There are thousands of fruits that can be grown from tiny seeds and all it takes is a little bit of patience and tender loving care.

You will have produce continuously without reaching out for store-bought pesticide ridden fruits.

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